Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation Location Map


Tuesday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is located on Miramar Road in San Diego, California. The museum is actually on the installation’s grounds, but we have our own entrance, thanks to a partnership with the air station. If you want to enjoy some great restaurants after your visit to our museum, go north on Hwy 15 and exit at “Mira Mesa”. Turn left and you will find a number of options for kids and grown-up kids alike.

How to Spot the Museum – You will see two flags — the American Flag and the Marine Corps Flag — flanking the entrance to the museum. Remember, most GPS units will not find our location. We recommend using Google Maps.

Click here to find us on Google Maps.

If you are going west on Miramar from Highway 15, you will see us on the LEFT side of the road AFTER the North Gate entrance. Do not go in the North Gate, as we are sectioned off from the main air station.

If you are going east on Miramar from Highway 805, you will see us on the RIGHT side of the road AFTER the West Gate entrance. If you see the North Gate, you have gone too far down.