Building Plans for New Museum

This Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is the only museum in the world, dedicated to the primary purpose of preserving the history of Marine Corps Aviation. When finished, the museum will tell the story of Marine Corps Aviation-aviators and the Marines that put them in the air and kept them there.


New museum building front and aerial view of museum grounds, outdoor displays and parking.

A truly magnificent view as the visitor approaches the museum. The aerial view shows the orientation and footprint of the museum. 90,000 square feet is a big building!

Museum Floor Plans

The museum main floor layout which will host thirteen airplanes on the museum floor.

The upper floor plan view shows the second floor office spaces and classrooms and the eight aircraft that are to be suspended from the ceiling.



4203 Anderson Avenue
San Diego, CA 92145
P.O. Box 45316
San Diego, CA 92145-0316