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Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum Preserving Marine Aviation for the Future

Community Voice – Save The Museum

Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum supporters write in to share “What Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum Means To Them” as part of the efforts to save our historic museum and artifact collection.
Thankfully, their voices were answered by the City of Irvine and the new home of the museum at The Great Park.

The Flying Leatherneck museum is a special piece of history and should remain here in San Diego. The volunteers are passionate about their service and the role the aircraft played in defending our country. It would be a travesty and a mark against history to dismantle and destroy these remnants of bygone eras. My husband is a US ARMY veteran and appreciates this salute to avionics. Both of our  young children have enjoyed leisurely walking through the pathways and marveling at the aircraft. Please keep this special piece of history at MIRAMAR.

Lisa G

We love this museum and have gone at least a dozen times. It’s one of the biggest reasons my sons love aviation and aircraft. Their uncle flew F18s and without this museum to continue to inspire our children, this country will lose future aviators. Please keep it open!!

Anita K

I grew up in the LA area and I remember my father taking  myself and my brothers to the aviation museum in Chino which reminds me of the Flying Leatherneck Museum at Miramar. That place was such a great place to inspire the imaginations of children even more than the polished type of aviation museum that exists in Balboa Park.

Anita K

My grandpa was a veteran, my father contracts with the military, and I am in the US Naval War College to sum up my family’s direct relation tonour military. It will be a shame and frankly disgrace if Congress and the military will not adjust budget constraints to allow for this unique and historic museum to remain open. San Diego is an influential milotary town and deserves to keep landmarks as such qs an honor to military legacy, a healing and memory space for veterans and their families, and a legacy and honor to those who fought for our freedoms and democratic way of life. I am happy to assist with any other efforts to petition for this museum to remain open.

Bogdan M

Last time that I was in San Diego, I made sure that the visit to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum was on my agenda.  As an aviator myself, this was a very important stop during my visit.  There is so much history here that it really does need to be kept together, maintained and cherished.  Once we start to dismantle our museums, then we slowly start the decay of our history.  Please reconsider the closing of this very important museum.

Robert K

As a flying leatherneck and father of 3 kids, I think we should keep the museum open for generations of kids that one day may want to join the Marines.

Karl C

I have had my hands on many of those aircraft at one time or another. As my father before me, I tell my children and my grand children stories of what it was like to do maintenance as well as fly in in them. Without the museums many displays, all they will be left with is pictures. To be able to see and possibly place their hands upon these machines, their visions and dreams of one day being an aviator or mechanic are greatly diminished. Having been at and participated many airshows over the years, it is the static displays like the many on the museums grounds that awakens the hearts and minds of our future. Semper Fi.

Craig D

I was an aviation hydraulic mechanic during the Viet Nam period.  I also flew as a gunner on CH-46A Seaknights.  I have also studied Marine aviation.  I served under Gen. Marion Carl (Viet Nam and Cherry Point) and studied Col. Glenn’s career.  This needs to be preserved and taught,  Sergeant W. W. Whitlock (Purple Heart, Air Medal, Combat Aircrew Wings)

Willis W

Please reconsider. Our kids and future generations need to see the amazing aircrafts that saved and continue to protect the good old USA! I’m a Christian, 62 years old, my dad joined the US Navy from the Philippines, and I’m a teacher.

John A

Within two weeks of notification we received well over 1200 pleas’ from around the country. Veterans, teachers to children who love our museum and want to see its unique artifacts preserved for all to see and to appreciate the history and hero’s of USMC Aviation.


Excellent museum and the docents are retired Marines with lots of great info and history to share. A must see if you are in the area. “Dennis C on YELP”

Dennis C

Super cool!! My family loved it so fun it was open cockpit day kids loved it! Such friendly people are there and knowledgeable….so much fun and it’s free!!! Grace S on YELP

Grace S

I spent a long time wandering through the planes, photographing the amazing aircraft and the environment. I wondered if my grandfather had flown any of them, and felt I connected with him as well as my own family history. I also felt as if I had accomplished an uncompleted task on my father’s list as well.  Scott B on YELP

Scott B

Great place to take your kids to or to remind ourselves as American citizens or immigrants to the US, just how many lives were sacrificed by our servicemen and servicewomen.  J.L. Clemente on Google

J.L. Clemente

All in all a smashing museum and a highlight of our trip to San Diego!
Me_n_my_ruc…on Trip Advisor


I visited the museum this week with my awesome daughter who is a Corporal at Camp Pendleton. We talked with Captain Joe Larkin USMC ret. What stories he had to tell. Wish we could have had more time to talk with him. He has our greatest respects and what a friendly volunteer. Samson S- Facebook

Samson S

I took my 15 year old son to enjoy the history and awesome display of military aircraft utilized by the USMC throughout American history. The docent, Lou, was a wealth of knowledge and very helpful. Thanks for hospitality and efforts in making this a must see!
B Stevens on Google

B Stevens

One of the best aviation museums I’ve ever experienced. Amazing array of planes and helicopters from over a long period in military aviation history. Highly recommend a visit for enthusiasts and anyone with a curiosity about marine history
Ysobella P – Google

Ysobella P

The museum is free and run by knowledgeable volunteers (service must be in their blood). Although the inside portion of the museum is small, there is much to learn, celebrate and enjoy if you take your time going through exhibits. There are scavenger hunt sheets for the kids to help keep the little ones interested. Outside there is plenty of room for adults and kids to roam among the aircrafts. If you would like to picnic there are tables available. Our group consisted of ages 3yrs, 7yrs, 15yrs and adults. We all enjoyed our time at this museum and the conversation sparked by our visit. We stayed about 1 1/2 hours and could have easily stayed longer. The museum is closed on Mondays and does have some days you can get into some of the aircrafts.
Thank-you vets for making this museum possible! Mj H via Tripadvisor

Mj H

Reviews From Our Educational Programs At The Museum

I teach at an online school and each year I host a field trip here. The docents are awesome. They have so many stories and knowledge to share with the students. Each plane is unique and we even got to go inside one of the helicopters. As a history teacher, this is a perfect field trip for all ages. Inside, there is a museum to meander through. It's free too!
Jenny W. on YELP

Jenny W

Marine Corps aviation history, the artifacts on display at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum and most importantly, the volunteers, greatly enhance our efforts to promote character traits including integrity, courage, perseverance and patriotism in schools and in the community.
Edward DeRoche, Ph.D
Director of the Character Education Resource Center
University of San Diego

Edward DeRoche, Ph.D

The field trip to the museum was an amazing experience for my students. They were able to have a clear look at how values like responsibility, honor, respect, perseverance, and a strong work ethic translated into lifelong success. They also received the message that they would not have to wait long for the transformation, but that it would begin to manifest itself in their schooling. For many students, with the "real life" consequence of practicing those values so readily apparent, they finally understood what their schools had not been able to convey.

City Heights Middle School Teacher



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