The Navy Blue Angels fly in formation during a Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Air Show.

See Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum aircraft and vehicles on display at the Miramar Air Show, September 27-29, 2019.

Museum staff and volunteers are especially proud to exhibit the collection’s World War II -era TBM “Avenger.” It spent a year being restored by a volunteer crew and will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the air show.

Click here to learn more about the history and restoration of the TBM.

The theme of the Air Show this year is “A Salute to First Responders.” Highlights of the show include performances by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the U.S. Army Golden Knights and the U.S. Navy Leap Frogs as well the Marine Air-Ground Task Force Demonstration.

The museum will be closed from Thursday, September 26th through Sunday, September 29th for the Air Show and will reopen at 9:00 am on Tuesday, October 1st .

Museum Aircraft at Air Show
RF-4 Phantom II
TBM Avenger
FM-2 Wildcat
HTL Baby Bell
F4U Corsair
A-4 Skyhawk
EA-6B Prowler

Museum Vehicles at Air Show
P-19A CFR Truck
FFN-3 Fire Truck