President’s Update-October 2022

The trek uphill continues as we work with the City of Irvine to craft an agreement for relocating the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum (FLAM) to Great Park. The two Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), the first between Irvine and the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation (FLHF) and the second MOU between Irvine, the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation and the Marine Corps, along with previous planning discussions form the framework for the development of a final agreement.

President’s Update-August 2022

President’s Update-August 2022

We are continuing to work on the agreement between the Foundation, City of Irvine and the USMC on responsibilities for the re-establishment of the museum in Great Park. In the meantime design and development of layout for exhibits has moved forward and we are exploring options to store the aircraft in Great Park until Hangar 296 is ready for occupancy. Finally, a Marine Wife awardee was recognized in a plaque-unveiling ceremony in our administrative offices.

President’s Update-April 2022

General Aguilar anticipates that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) allowing the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum to be established at Great Park, Irvine, CA will be signed by all parties by the end of May. In anticipation of the signing of the document, planning and fundraising for the establishment of the new world class museum preserving and sharing the legacy of Marine aviation is ongoing.