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Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization and at the heart of everything we do.

The museum is relocating to Irvine, CA. While we are in the process of relocating, there are very limited volunteer opportunities available. Most of the available opportunities are focused on supporting our ongoing education programs and providing administrative and marketing support.

We will update this page as more opportunities become available.

Thank you for your interest in the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum and the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation.


We are currently seeking volunteers in these  areas:

  • FUNDRAISING – The future of the museum and all of its programs depend on having the resources to keep the operation running. Your administrative skills, grant writing abilities and willingness to reach out to potential funders is vital for the future of the museum.
  • ADMINISTRATION/MARKETING– Volunteers willing to write stories, press releases and content for social media and the website are sought.
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT – Teachers have developed lesson plans and students as well as professionals with an interest in videography have produced films for our audiences.  Volunteers willing to share special skills and interests are most welcome.
  • VETERANS TO CLASSROOMS – Share your service experiences by making virtual classroom visits. Virtual visits can be made from your home or our in-house studio located in the Miramar area.

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For information about becoming a volunteer contact:
Chuck Meadows
Operations Manager


Inquire about volunteering online by filling in and submitting the form below.

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9400 Activity Road
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San Diego, CA 92126
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9400 Activity Road, Suite C,
San Diego, CA 92126
P.O. Box 45316
San Diego, CA 92145-0316