Middle School, Second Place Winner – 2015 Essay Winner
Teacher: Ms. Lopez

Honor, courage, and commitment are demonstrated by respecting others, being brave, and never giving up. My grandfather, Julius Vogt, I believe represents honor. I also believe that my grandfather is an excellent representative of courage. My grandfather believes that honor and courage should be practiced on a daily basis. My P.E. coach Tom Cato, for me, represents commitment. Mr. Cato states that commitment is an important tool to achieve your goals. My grandfather and Mr. Cato are great reminders for these three traits.

The person I chose to represent honor is my grandfather. The reason I chose him is because he always respects people even if they don’t like each other. My grandfather shows respect by paying attention when I talk to him. He also says that honor is not about doing great deeds but about smaller deeds, such as letting the elders walk in first when opening a door. My grandfather has stated that people who demonstrate honor is usually a longer lasting friend. Just like him, I show honor by respecting my family and friends. My grandfather always recommends to use honor everyday

I also chose my grandfather as a representative of courage. My grandfather served in the armed forces and was deployed to many countries to fight for our freedom. He showed courage when he was deployed to the different countries. He didn’t know what was going to happen in the different countries and he left his family behind. He had to be courageous to accept the fate that he was in a different place and he might die. Just like him, I would like to have the courage to accept the unexpected. The last thing about courage is that you should always be brave in an emergency.

The person I chose to represent commitment is Mr. Cato. I chose Mr. Cato because he is committed to teach us sportsmanship in P.E. He teaches us commitment by never giving up on his students when they struggle with push-ups. Mr. Cato always says that saying “I can’t do it” is saying “I give up”. He also says that if we keep trying we will succeed. Just like him, I would strive to commit to be the best I can. Mr. Cato has been committed for many years to try his best to teach us sportsmanship.

My grandfather emphasizes that honor and courage are vital to becoming a well-respected citizen. He also states that courage and honor are important to our society because there would be less fighting among us. Mr. Cato states how important commitment is to us as individuals because he wants us to strive to succeed in all the things we do. He also explains that there are no short cuts to stay committed. If more people tried using these traits more people in this country would get along. I believe that honor, courage, and commitment can help us as a country respect different races, religions, and ways of life. The last reason why these traits are important to us as a country is because we need to learn how to respect each other as a whole nation.

Bio: 2015 SECOND PLACE: Honor, Courage, and Commitment by Ian Vogt, a middle school student from Bill Young Middle School in Calipatria, CA., and submitted by teacher, Julia Lopez.

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