Middle School, Third Place Winner – 2016 Essay Winner
Teacher Francisco De La Rosa

Risks are being taken each and every day. Have you ever taken a risk? Risks are being taken for many different reasons. For example, people may take risks to help a person, or also to just do a good deed. I know many people that wake up early and go to work just to provide for their family. Some people that risk their lives to help their country every day, are the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps are courageous, committed, and honorable.

The Marine Corps are very courageous. They are very courageous for several reasons. I will list a few of them. For instance, they risk their lives every day. They risk their lives by going to war. They put their lives on the line by fighting off terrorists. They also help the community when there is a natural disaster. Such as, earthquakes, tornados, and also tsunamis. They do this to help and protect us. This shows that they are extremely courageous. This shows that they are courageous because they risk their lives everyday so we do not have to. While they risk their lives, we are at home, safe. They are valiant because they are out at war just so we can be free and if that does not show courage then I do not know what does!

The Marine Corps are full of commitment. I know this because of many different. Although I know a lot, I will only share a few. For example, they fight. They fight against others for our safety, protection, ad freedom. Even though, they could die. This shows commitment because they risk their lives knowing, they could die and never see their families ever again. Moreover, they go to work every day! I know most people go to work every day, but this is different. This is different because most people do not have jobs that make them put their lives on the line. Marine Corps do not back down, nor do they give up.

Marine Corps are honorable. They deserve only the best and nothing less. They deserve this because they do a lot of things that help us in a certain way. You may not appreciate them, but you should. I will tell you reasons why. First of all, they can and maybe will die at war. They go to war to fight for our freedom and to get money to provide for their families. They deserve to be honored. You can honor them in many ways. For instance, all you need to do is say a basic, “thank you” I know a thank you will not make up for the loss of many loved ones, but it will show your gratitude towards them.

In conclusion, the Marine Corps are helpful. They are courageous, full of commitment, and honorable. They are courageous because they go to way. They are full of commitment because they risk their lives everyday not just when they want to. They are honorable because they protect us and fight for our freedom. Lastly, the Marine Corps are perfect in their own way.

Bio: 2016 Essay Winner Middle School, THIRD PLACE: Marine Corps by Sofia Lomeli, a grade 7 student from Heber School in Heber, CA and submitted by teacher, Francisco De La Rosa.

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