Middle School, Second Place Winner – Brandon Torres.  Essay submitted by 8th Grade Teacher, Gabriela Sosa, Heber School.

Pictured above: Teacher Gabriela Sosa and Brandon Torres

My Amazing Hero

Others may say that their hero is a Policeman, Firefighter, Doctor, etc, yet unlike the
others my hero is my mom Tania Belen Cano. She is a responsible, strong, intelligent person
who works hard every day for her five children, and is determined to do anything to help them
with anything. The purpose, so they can have a successful life. Furthermore, my mom always
finds a way to make something wrong into something right. For instance when I was younger the
kids around me never liked to be with me, because I was and still am a shy kid. Yet when it came
to that, there was one person that was always with me. hat was my beautiful mom making me
feel like I was special. That is when I learned that you don’t have to be loved by a lot of people to
fill the happiness in your life, because there is always going to be that person that will love you
no matter what and in my case that was my mom.

Equally important, my mom is not just there for me, but she is also there for my other
four siblings, because when your a single parent with five kids there can’t be just love for one of
them, but love for each and every single one of them. To demonstrate her love to all of her five
kids, she spends time with every single one of us and even though it’s just time eating with the
family watching movies, or having fun going out to places, that makes me, and my sibling happy
about having a mom that cares for all of us. This taught me that no matter the amount of time
you spend with someone there is always going to be a memory of you having an amazing time
with the ones you love.

However, our thoughts of a hero is just the bright side of what they do or how they
attempt to help others, but not all of our heroes have an easy life. In other words, when my dad
left the family my mom had to find new ways to take care of all of her five children by herself.
This included finding who could help her by taking care of us while she worked for the things we
needed. Although, my dad left, my grandma decided to help my mom while she thought of what
she was going to do to take care of us. This showed me how making wise choices can also be
hard for the ones you look up to, so others come along to help.

My mother’s courage and perseverance are the reasons why my mom, Tania Belen Cano
is my hero. Everyday she continues to still work hard to ensure that my siblings and I get a great
education. It makes me happy to know that I have someone that will take care of me for the rest
of my life. I hope that one day I can return her actions and take care of her too.

Bio: 2018 Essay Contest Middle School – SECOND PLACE: My Amazing Hero by Brandon Torres. Submitted by 8th grade teacher, Gabriela Sosa.