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Pilots, aircrew and experts in all fields of aviation are standing by to answer your questions.  Kids of all ages are encouraged to send in videotaped or handwritten questions to the video forum and typed questions for the podcast.

Logo for the Inside Loop, Q & A with Flying Leatherneck Aviation MuseumWhat is “The Inside Loop”?

The Inside Loop is a cheerful, yet serious, examination of issues that parents may have trouble explaining from questions received after a visit to a museum or other historical sites. The Inside Loop may assist  parents and educators alike in dealing with the barrage of questions that come up daily over social media, in online sessions, and from friends or neighbors.

See below for details and question submissions.

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Episode 1 –  “Why the inverted gull wings on the Corsair?”

Learn the reason for the unique shape of the Corsair aircraft wings.

Episode 2 –  Enlisting and Learning to Fly during WWII

World War II fighter pilot Major Glenn Ferguson (USMC-retired)  answers Andy’s questions about what encouraged him to enlist in the Marine Corps and the path he took to flight training.

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Logo for the Inside Loop, Q & A with Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum


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Episode 1

Major Glenn Ferguson (USMC-retired) answers questions about training and serving as a dive bomber pilot during World War II.

Episode 3

Dr. Joe Bassi answers questions about the history and requirements to become part of Space Force.


Episode 2

Major General Bob Butcher (USMC-retired) answers Chloe’s question about some of his most memorable moments flying.

Episode 4

In a continuation of Episode 2, Major General Bob Butcher shares stories from 31 years of flying the A4 “Skyhawk”.


How Do I Submit a Question to “The Inside Loop”?

Every month our awesome host, museum volunteer Justin Whitney, will get answers to some of your video taped questions and publish them in “The Inside Loop” video forum.  Other questions are answered weekly during “The Inside Loop” Podcast.

You can send your videotaped, handwritten or typed questions by…..

  1. Using the online submission form below, or
  2. Emailing your question and contact information to:

Handwritten questions can also be mailed to us at: Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation, PO Box 45316, San Diego, CA 92145-0316. Be sure to include an adult’s name and phone number in letters sent by U.S. Mail.


If your question is chosen we will contact you to obtain a release.

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