Nicole K.
Ramona, CA
I took my son here when he was about 4 years old & he was in complete aww of all the amazing aircraft. Please don’t close & destroy these timeless planes. This is our military history & once gone, we’ll never get it back.
Rodney M.
Marine Aviation has earned its place in history.  This museum displays the trailblazers and the machines that propelled them to greatness and must be saved.
Peter M.
Hampton, NH
After a 20 year career flying the A-4, including a couple of the one’s on display, shutting the Museum would damage the Legacy of Marine Aviation beyond repair. How hard can it be to carve out some space for the museum to continue to provide the historical perspective and influence Marine Aviation has had since we started flying in wars.
Brooke G.
Santee, CA
My family enjoys these aircrafts and love being able to teach my boys
Cindy B.
Ramona Ca
This museum is an important part of the military   culture in San Diego. Please help us save this piece of our history.
Larry K.
Spring Branch
I bet if it was something for the Army, Navy it wouldn’t be touched but like Truman said all the Marine Corp is, are the police department for the Navy.
JOHN S. L.  D.
Scottsdale, AZ
Respectfully, Gentlemen,

Please DON’T close the Flying Leathernecks Museum in San Diego !

Thank you.

Semper Fi,

John D.

USMC 1970-72…Honorably discharged.

1st MAW; MAG-15; H&M-15…Iwakuni, Japan; Task Force Delta…Danang, Republic of S.V. & Nam Phong, Thailand

All-USMC Wrestling Team 1972

Erika  H.
Save the museum!!
Diane M.
We need to keep our history alive. Lets stop tearing down what we need the generations to come to learn about.
Roosevelt S.
I was stationed at MCAS Miramar right at the beginning of the transfer from NAS to MCAS (1997-2008).  I was there when the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum came to life.  Many, many mornings on our Unit PT runs past the museum I would take the opportunity to educate my Marines on the history of Marine Corps Aviation.  On the weekends, I’d walk past the museum in the early morning and admire the F4U Corsair that was gloriously standing the watch.  When I retired from the Marine Corps in 2008, I held my retirement ceremony at the Museum with a platoon of Marines and that beautiful F4U Corsair forever in the backdrop on my Retirement photo.  This museum is worth saving.  The Marines station at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar should forever be reminded of those that came before them and the museum is an absolutely perfect venue to support that!


Roosevelt S.

Gunnery Sergeant USMC (Ret)

Bill P.
Dear Marines,

I am a Combat Marine Corps Grunt, Vietnam Veteran. We were really Proud of our Marine Corps Aviation Air Support,

And the Many Medivac Helicopters that Saved many LIVES. It was a great HONOR

After I retired from the Marine Corps, plus

MCRD Civil Service, to become a Life Member of the Flying Leathernecks Museum Foundation. There is not enough

Words to explain Everything the Museum has done to show all the History and for Example LtCol  John Glenn’s THREE ORBITS Around the World. We owe it to our Active Duty, their Families, Retirees, and the Civilian Community to keep the

Flying Leatherneck Museum Foundation OPEN FOREVER!!”” And never FORGET OUR MARINE CORPS AVIATION “HEROS”!

Thank You I advance for Keeping Our MUSEUM OPEN.
“”Semper Fi””

SgtMajor “Bill” P



Judy S.
San Diego  CA
This museum contains a very important part of our history. I know that Quantico has a Marine history museum but not everyone can get there to see this integral part of history. It is important that this reminder of marine aviation be available on the west coast as well so that the history can come to life for people especially since San Diego is very much a military stronghold
Richard P.
San Diego CA 92129
This museum provides an essential piece of military aviation history for our children and grand children to appreciate the sacrifice of the Naval and Marine aviators protecting our freedom.
Marilyn C.
My father was a former WWII Combat Marine Okinawa) and my Brother also was a former Marine in Thailand/Vietnam.  I can’t tell you how important this museum is to all of us. Please keep the museum open! There are viable options!
Mischa D.
Ramona CA
I believe it is vital to keep these historical aircraft and items as a demonstration of our country’s history.  We should not lose sight of the events that have kept our country together. We have a long history, and this museum is a major part of it.  We need to remind future generations of our history, and show respect for it.  Thank you.
Kelly H.
San Diego
We love the museum and would gladly pay to visit!
Deryl B.
Nashville, TN
To close permanently any museum honoring any of the branches of service of our military would be a travesty and deny the importance of our great military history of supporting and defending our Constitution, our Nation, and our Liberty!  We cannot let the  twisted “cancel culture” of today’s supposed wok society to win this battle to preserve our true history like this!  Semper Fi!
Chris R.
Oceanside, CA
This museum is a beautiful example of our Marine aviation history, it needs to be preserved!

My Dad was a Flying Leatherneck… He was an instructor during the World War II as he was the only son of his father so he was not able to fight… After my brother and I were born, He was able to fight in Korea… He flew the Douglas SBD Dauntless from 1951 to the end.  He told us of some of his missions… He was the wing man of the group commander… There were times when coming back to the base, that they had holes in their wings where the flack punch through but were set to go off above them… He also loved the Corsair… We have photos of him flying this plane while stationed in California…  So, it was a great joy to find this museum
Here in San Diego… It holds so much for many generations of Flying Leathernecks and this is the only one that I know of…  So many people come by to be reminiscent and to tell of their missions to their family… Or like me, to come to see what my father flew during the war… If you close it, This part of our history disappears… I cannot believe that you think the money spent here is useless… Our country cannot be so poor to think that good American history is just a waste… It is not… Once gone, where can we look for such history???

Mount Pleasant
  As a former Marine Captain, Naval Aviator (CH-46 pilot) and who has visited the Leatherneck museum in the past, I feel that it is important for future generations can see what and who and why we flew these magnificent machines. They are an inspiration to future generations to pick up where we left off in the protection of this great nation.

I was in awe when I was a child to see the great machines of the military and was privileged to know a few of the great gentlemen who piloted them and later to call them my friends.

Gary D.
Cardiff, CA
For my boys’ entire childhood we have regularly visited the Leatherneck museum, it’s part of our family history and part of the community. As the son of a Marine, the grandson of a soldier KIA in WW2, and as a citizen, museums like this are integral to maintaining an understanding and connection to the pivotal role and history of our military and the vehicles and equipment of their roles.

It would be a great loss to lose this link to our past.

Lizz F.
Alamo ca
Love the museum!!  I don’t want it to be closed.
Ronsld B.
Yuma, AZ
I am disappointed that such a fine museum and well maintained aircraft is being closed and the aircraft collection is to be distributed to who knows where or aircraft are to be destroyed. As a retired USN veteran to see our military museums closed and this history lost for future generations saddened me. Reconsider this decision.
Tracy M.
Seaside Or
Served w/ 3 MAW 70-73  sad as former air station Tillamook lost thier collection,also served at Tustin ca
Crystal C.
San Marcos, CA
Keeping museums open is important to our culture.  Do not send us to the Dark Ages of ignorance by closing us off from Historical artifacts.
Robert H.
La Verne, CA
This is pretty much the only Marine Corp aviation museum in SoCal. My father was a WWII Marine. He loved this museum. My family became pilots because of his and my uncle’s experience. My uncle was Navy. Please keep this last piece of history here.
Johnston  N.
Ramona, ca
I’ve been looking at these aircraft and artifacts since the collection’s days at MCAS El Toro.  They are an asset to Miramar and the community.
Giddell G.
Whittier, CA
Please reconsider closing this Very important part of American history I feel he should be preserve to keep our American history in life. I hope that this museum can be keep open.
Daniel Z.
Hallandale  Florida
Perhaps it is time for you to take the time and understand what you are doing by closing places like this.  Kindly get your heads out of your ass’s and think of the future generations that can see this and will be able to remember what they read in books about why we had these many things in our lives.  Without any of this you deny our future generation a chance to believe what they read was true.
william g.
I am a submarine veteran of both the Viet Nam and Cold wars. Having taken both of my grandsons to the museum dozens of times all 3 of us now have a fine appreciation for the United States Marines. PLEASE do not close this museum.
David H.
San Diego, CA
It would be a very bad thing to close the only museum in the world dedicated to preserving the history of US Marine Corps aviation. It’s a sad thing to see America lose interest in its history. Also, the budget for this museum should not come from the USMC operational budget (as they never have enough money for warfighting needs), but should instead come from some other source.
Jennifer  D.
Ramona, CA
I have visited this museum many times in my 56 years. Please keep it open for my grandchildren.
Austin B.
Holly Springs, north carolina
I’ve remember going there as a kid when my dad was in the Marines when ever my dad was on deployment and I would worry about him my Mom would take me there and look at all the plane and cool stuff and it would make me feel at ease
Paul W.
San Diego CA
This museum is a community resource and a great tribute to Marine Aviation.  It has a vital and unique role in the education and inspiration of the general pubic.  The closure will create a huge loss to this generation and generations to come.
Patricia A.
Charlottesville, Virginia
I used to live in San Diego and thought this was a wonderful addition to/for the community.  Marine Corps Aviation has a proud history that  should be supported.
Leslie D.
Please save the museum! I regret not going sooner before the announcement of this closure but as a former educator and a historian buff this museum is an important part of military history for San Diego.
David W.
El Cajon, CA
It’s important to highlight Marine Aviation history for generations to come.
Paul G.
san diego ca
This is a wonderful aviation museum and it is a huge asset to the public relations of MCAS. In terms of bang for the buck, it could be one of the most effective connections between MCAS and the Marine Corps with the community. It should be improved and publicized, not closed!
Janice G.
San Diego, CA
Please keep this wonderful museum open as our way of thanking our courageous heroes!

We are so proud of our Marines!

Michael  A.
Martinez, CA
Please save our history and the Flying Leatherneck Museum. Our Military history, our Heroes and their stories need to preserved for future generations. Now more than ever. Please honor their service by preserving these treasures.
Joe L.
Alameda, CA
There is no benefit to closing this museum down. It is important in history to remember the past and how we got here.

The Museum operates at no cost to the base. There are no savings and the cost of closing is a monumental expense

Stephen L.
Coronado, CA
The museum is a special place providing a great link to important aviation history. If the curators are willing to make it work, why not give them a chance?

Please keep the museum open!

Thank you,

Richard H.
Please save this piece of USMC History.
Lawrence L.
Pauma Valley
We should continue to honor our Marine Corps Aviation history on the West Coast.
Eric M.
Johnsburg IL

As a corpsman veteran I know all too well the history of the flying leathernecks.

In a day where military equipment is in cost overruns and not functioning as it should, it would be sad to destroy the aircraft that served honorably for so many years. Not to mention this museum is important to veterans and the public as well.

In a day of video game culture we need all the help to keep our youth learning history with this wonderful museum.

In a day where monuments are being torn down for multiple reasons we need places like this more than ever to teach not just Marine Corps history, but the history of all veterans and the conflicts they served in. Even the aircraft themselves are important and unique pieces of history.

I fear if they are moved to other museums they will not get the care and attention they are getting, but rather be placed in the first available spot to sit and degrade. Even worse would be to scrap any of these aircraft. So please let’s help keep the Marine Corps alive and remembered for another 200 years to come. SEMPER FI !

Eric M USN (Corpsman)

7th Fleet CFAY Yokosuka Japan

Dan B.
San Diego, CA
I can imagine no better home for the museum than its current site in Miramar where it is a jewel for the DoD’s outreach and recruiting efforts, the Marine Corps’ sense of history and pride in Aviation, and San Diego’s extensive tourist and military economies.  Please re-consider any efforts to close!
Linda S.
San Diego California
Great collection of military history. Would be a shame to not let the public and generations to come to view it.
Sara B.
San Diego, CA
As I retired military officer, I would be sorely disappointed to lose such a treasured resource as the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.  Please preserve it for San Diego, the Marine Corps, and the nation.
Michaelangelo K.
I am joining the Marine Corps this year and there’s nothing I want more than to preserve the history of the United States Marine Corps. California found it fit to give 710,000 to the National endowment of Arts, preserve our Nations history and the memory of our Heroes who served this country deserve to have their honor preserved. I’ll volunteer myself to keep that history alive.
Marylin L.
Why would they close this museum? We send millions of dollars to other countries in the current Covid-19 relief package. Also was there not a substantial amount of money set aside for culture and arts? This is culture this is American culture. Such a shame to let a museum of this caliber be closed. Please reconsider think of the history that is being erased by closing this museum. Thank you for your consideration.
Sean M.
Lacey WA
I Lived on Miramar as my parent command was there and I enjoyed visiting the museum often and I beleive its 100% worth saving.
Lex R.
  I am a Vietnam Veteran, 1968-1973, SAVE THE MUSEUM
Jennings B.
Live Oak
In my experience with museums over the past 50 years, I have always maintained that museums are financially at the bottom of the heap.  For ten years, 1994-2004,

I managed a WWII Navy/Marine Corps Museum for Commander Naval Forces, Mariana Islands, Guam.  It was the 50th Anniversary of the Recapture of Guam from the Japanese. 1944.  As such the Navy did an excellent job of recognizing the importance of opening On-Base historic resources by driving & walking trails in the jungles on Base.  Many Interpretive signs were put up marking Pre-War villages, Churches, the Naval Station, and Japanese Period structures ion,

After all the fan fair of the 50th was over, interest in the Marianas Military Museum began to wane.  I managed to keep it open until I retired in 2004, and left Guam.  The Museum is now the property of the Coastguard.

Dorothe  V.
Corona, CA
God Bless the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum! History needs to be remembered and honored.
Sharon  R.
Menifee ca
Asking for you to please Save the Museum
Roger L.
Menifee,Calif 92584
Being a veteran myself, I would like the museum to stay open not closed.
Geo H.
Madera., California
As a USMC veteran I proudly support the leatherneck museum I pray to God that you reconsider
Glenn  B.
Madera, California
We need to save our history.
Kameron R.
San Diego
This museum means so much to the community around us. Kids have grown up and walked passed these aircraft, the stories behind them inspiring many to give back and develop a passion for aviation. Facilities like this should not be closed as they hold something important to all of us, the museum brings happiness to many and it would hurt for it to be pieced apart, all for budget constraints.
Renee H.
San Diego, CA
I am signing this petition in hopes that the Flying Leathernecks air museum will not be permanently closed.  The museum represents our history and should remain open for all to visit and enjoy.  Save the museum!
John H.
San Diego, CA
Keep the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum open.
Dale S.
Wildomar, CA
Semper Fi from USAF
Julie S.
Wildomar, CA
We must preserve history.  They have a way to fund the continuing operation.
Barbara  S.
Corning, NY
My husband proudly served in the Marine Corp. Please work with the museum operators to allow them to remain. This history is important to America.
Robert S.
Houston, Tx
A historical place of this nature, keeping Marine Corps history alive should not be closed. Especially if an organization such The Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation is willing to cover the cost and manpower to keep the operation open. I strongly believe that this establishment should remain open.
Susan L.
San Diego
I am a USN vet. There are few institutions that allow vets and civilians to share the history of the armed forces. Losing this museum will be forever losing the opportunity to share history with todays and future generations
Terri B.
San Diego
Please, please reconsider.  We have celebrated many birthdays at the museum. We also visit when we have visitors from out of state  and those from other countries. It is very well received. Please keep it in San Diego.  However, should you ultimately find it necessary, perhaps keeping the museum close and sending everything to March Air Field Museum would still keep it within driving distance.  Thank you for your consideration.
George S.
Jefferson, NH
It is too bad that Nancy Pelosi and the progressives couldn’t have seen fit to fund the Flying Leatherneck Museum for 10 years in their COVID Relief package that they just passed, It is FAR more Worthy than anything they funded. Such a Shame to let this great museum pass.

George S

USN  CPO(ret)

Michelle B.
Ramona, CA
We are a military family.  We have taken our children there for history lessons.  The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is a primary, patriotic live history site.  It is necessary to show and allow the people to touch and hear the stories of our veterans and country.  The Museum shows truth and life.  The textbooks that are used in the schools cannot compare.  Please find away to preserve the Museum.  It will inspire the future.
Richard S.
Encinitas, CA
My uncle Bob died on Iwo Jima supporting his Marine Corps brothers, our Nation and all of our futures. We cannot allow our history, and our family sacrifices, and the lessons to be learned from our heritage to be lost. The heroism of Pappy Boyington and the other patriots of the Marine Air Corps cannot be forgotten, or buried by the those who choose not to let the lessons of our collective past lead our future. This Museum and its beautiful artifacts are our history and our legacy for the future. We cannot lose it. Those serving and sacrificing in our military service today deserve our support, to protect their service, and to forever remember their selflessness, and their patriotism in protecting all of us and our American way of life. SAVE THE FLYING LEATHERNECK MUSEUM!
Kara M.
San Diego
Shutting down the Museum is no way to treat the amazing veterans who currently volunteer and staff the Museum. They’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears into keeping this Nation safe, it is not right to turn around and take this Museum (which they love and look after so lovingly) away from them. Have some decency. Also think about the future generations who become inspired to enlist after visiting these Museums and who look up to the American giants who’ve come before them. Money comes and goes, but memories are irreplaceable.
MLiss H.
Please keep this fabulous historical museum to show respect for those who served and to teach our future generations the importance of military aviation.
Deborah H.
San Diego, CA
Why must we continually fight to keep things of educational merit? Clearly, we have all witnessed the degrading societal results when education is held at such a low priority—especially, this past year. Keep the museum open!
Valeen S.
Borrego Springs
Please don’t erase more of our history.  I am having a difficult time with the erosion of my country and all those who fought to make it and keep it.  If a sound explanation can be presented, I am more than willing to consider the action.
Deedy H.
Dayton, OH
Please consider not closing this museum.
Tara F.
Poway ca
Don’t close this valuable asset!
Fredericksburg, VA
As the spouse of a retired Marine aviator (EA6B ECMO), this news breaks my heart.  We’ve wanted to visit for so long but never found ourselves there at the right time.  Please try to save this museum!
Charles W.
I am retired Marine Corps LtCol who was once assigned to VMCJ-3 and later VMFP-3.  The museum should be kept open since it provides a single source opportunity for potential future Marines to view, touch, and talk with Marines who are no longer on active duty.  It is a recruiting tool well worth it’s value to our Corps.  S/F

Charles W

Lieutenant Colonel, Retired (1991)

Antonina B.
San Diego
This Museum means so much to our veterans and our community! I have such fond memories, and it is always a joy to see the children learning about the aircraft and visiting the museum… Teaching a whole new generation to love our country and those who have fought to keep it safe! Closing the museum is just one more painful travesty in the midst of a turbulent and uncertain National Climate. Please do not destroy these valuable and valid bits of History. Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.
Jennifer E.
San Diego CA
I took my nephew there when he was young. We had a wonderful day talking with the docents and ex-military members who were volunteering there.  Last month this same nephew left us for a 6 year stint in the Navy (he is at Great Lakes for boot camp). I’ve been to the Airforce museum outside of Dayton OH.  Given San Diego’s military and aviation history, this museum is unique and deserves preservation. Please save this museum.
Cathy H.
San Marcos,CA
Please don’t close this museum!
Ariana K.
Please don’t close this gem!
joe l.
providence, RI
my whole family served in many outfits mainly navy I was marine I want to donate I find this disturbing, that we shell out money to illegals and other countries, and screw the very people that protect our ass please email me where i ccan give ohh rahhh god bless THE USA we need it..
Gunshing C.
La Canada, CA
Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum has been my regular stop when I visited my daughter’s family in San Diego.  The aircraft collections in the museum are the favorite of my grandsons. The closure will be an irreversible loss for the community.
Jesse T.
I served four years in the Marine Corps, and was honorably discharged as a Sergeant. During my time in the Marines, two groups of people taught me what it means to live out our core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These were my Drill Instructors, and the Veterans who serve at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.

The goals of the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation and of the Marine Corps are the same–to instill these values. Only on this one issue, that of closing the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, are the Marine Corps and the Foundation opposed. In this matter, I believe the Marine Corps has lost touch with its own ethos.

Our past is essential to who we are. To lose sight of that is to lose sight of our present, and of our future. There must be some way to allow the Museum to continue.

Johnny  W.
Lockney, TX
I am a Marine who served with VMFA-333 from 1971 – 1973 aboard USS America.  It is my hope that the Marine Corps will not disband our culturally and historically significant museum.
Nicholas I.
San Diego, Ca
Please reconsider closing the museum… it would be an extreme disservice to the community!
Braden H.
Chula Vista
As a former FMF Navy Corpsman it’s sad that another piece of history is going to disappear and only a few care!
Constance  G.
Honolulu, Hawaii
Marine Corps Aviation is important to the nation. All though the NMMC is beautiful and represents the heritage of the Marine Corps in the best way possible  not everyone in their lifetime will ever get the opportunity to travel there and experience all it has to offer. It is important that everyone have the opportunity to discover what Marine Corps Aviation is all about. That is why keeping open this museum is imperative to all.
Tim W.
Save the Flying Leatherneck Museum
James T.
San Marcos, Calif.
The Flying Leathernecks Museum is an important piece of both our community’s and our nation’s aviation heritage. Like the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, or the USS Midway Museum here in San Diego, it tells the story of a military branch’s adoption and use of aviation in a hands-on way that can’t be replicated in any kind of digital or online environment. The combination of historic artifacts and veterans serving as volunteer docents help visitors come to a better understanding of how aviation has impacted our military’s ability to effectively defend our nation.
Hal H.
Save the history of Marine Aviation for the future citizens of this great country
Guy D.
Moreno Valley
Please do not close this valuable trove of military aviation history.
Katie S.
Noelle B.
Havelock, NC
This was a memorable place I frequented with my family. Please don’t take away such an important place.
Amanda A.
Virgini Beach, VA
Would be such a shame for this museum full of so much history to be closed. Please reconsider!
Cathy C.
Annandale, VA
Please save the Museum!  What a wonderful place to share with my dad (served on 53s in Vietnam) and my sons.  We are moving back to San Diego and this was at the top of my list to see again!
Bradley M.
San Diego
I brought my oldest son to the museum and he loved the place. He told me he wanted to be a Marine so he could fly the helicopters and airplanes. He may only be 8, but for the museum to inspire him like that just goes to show people need places like this to inspire them.
Tulsa, OK
The museum is too important to close, this cannot be closed.
Carolyn P.
Mount Pleasant, WI
This is the one museum we visit regularly when we visit San Diego to see my daughter.

It would be a great loss to the Marine Corps, all the people who served and will serve in the future and the community of San Diego as well.

Please reconsider this decision as there are many viable options to keep this operating with no expense to the Marine Corps itself.

As a  former Naval Officer and combat veteran of Vietnam, I urge you not to close this museum. Look at the billions thrown at the F35 project , the museum costs very little to operate. Consider the impact on recruiting for the corps, seeing those warrior planes on display is of great value. A picture is worth a thousand words. Also, think of the children of our service members, who actually get to see and play on these planes, to better understand what mom or dad does in the Marines/ Navy air wings. This is no doubt an asset for the marine families, for recruiting and for all serviceman in San Diego. Its much more pleasant and meaningful to visit the museum instead of going to a military cemetery to honor and remember so much sacrifice. A decision could surely be postponed.
John B.
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
As an aviation Marine, surely a solution to this crisis can be found-a solution that is amenable to all parties.  The Leatherneck Aviation Museum is part of our military history and should be preserved.
Charles P.
Del Mar, CA
I would hope that the Marine Corp would recognize the value of a private/public enterprise which can preserve the flying leatherneck history without liability to the Corps.  This is a valuable institution which serves the Corps and the public from an educational, historical preservation, and morale perspective.  There are solutions to this situation without dismantling the entire infrastructure which has been developed over 30 years.  I would like to know the reasoning behind the position of the Marine Corps.
Tina B.
Apple valley, California
Love this museum. We visit it every time we come to the area.
Preston M.
Seattle, WA
The Flying Leatherneck Museum at Miramar is one of the Greatest military museums on the West coast.  It is a link to the Past, and an inspiration to future Marine Corps Aviators.  As Miramar is the Premier destination for all Marine Corps aviation, this organization is the Face of the Base, and the only year round link to the civilian public.  It is also a place that retirees can come to spend time amongst old friends and relive cherished memories.  This museum is more important than Miramar, and should be federally funded and expanded.  It is my opinion that the MUSEUM should be moved to the East end of the base just East of the C-130 ramp, where the Aircraft and Artifacts can be closer to home. This would also allow for patrons to view active aircraft in the pattern and on approach while increasing revenues by making the location easier to access, and more sought after by Aviation enthusiasts.
Kayla  M.
Temecula California
Preserving history is perhaps the most important influence in not repeating the past
Richard A.
Manhattan Beach, CA
A very special place, and an important reminder of our history and the role our armed services have played to keeping us all safe. Please keep it open, or at the very least, don’t destroy these amazing aircraft.
Helen R.
I am the widow of a retired marine who served in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968 he contacted agent orange which caused all sorts of health issues it is possible he was a passenger on one of these aircraft I want to do anything I can possibly do to help keep the museum open paswelhel@gmailcom
Karen B.
Kailua, HI
It would be sad to lose this great museum.
Rebecca S.
Milton, NH
I am a proud wife of a Marine Corps Aviator, and I cherish this place for celebrating and teaching the legacy that my husband carries on. Please continue this amazing resource for my children to enjoy
Roger J.
Spring Valley California
Don’t close the museum
Phillip S.
New River, AZ
As Sergeant E-5 serving with the 3rd Marine Air Wing at MCAS Yuma, AZ, I worked on the avionics of many of the aircraft in this museum. It would be a terrible loss to us former “air-dale” Marines and our families, as well as Marine Corps History if this museum and its aircraft were to vanish. I have written my Congresswoman, donated, and shared the upsetting news on social media. I am going to make an extra visit with my family before April 1st just in case. Semper Fi!
Mary F.
Simpsonville, SC
As a retired Marine (with 4 generations of Marines in  my family), I believe it’s important to physically display our proud history to the Nation’s residents on both coasts!  The Marine Corps Museum in Quantico is fabulous, but we also need to maintain our museum in San Diego, especially with the Recruit Depot there.  Please maintain this important legacy of our Marine Corps and Marine Corps Aviation.
don n.
poway california
Have always enjoyed visiting the displays and talking with the docents. It would be a shame to no longer have a place to reflect.
Mark S.
Dallas, OR
It would be a travesty to close the Flying Leathernecks Museum at MCAS Miramar.  My kids and I always enjoyed our visits.  If the museum must close, please consider transferring the exhibits to MCRD’s museum.  I hope public sentiment will encourage reconsideration and preservation of this historically significant museum.
Kerry S.
Santa Clara, Utah
It would be wonderful to keep an asset like this open for my kids, and grandkids  to see on April 2, 2021 of this year. We are planning on seeing the Midway Aircraft carrier museum, and possibly the March Air Force Base museum as well. My wife’s uncle served 35 years in the Marine Corps and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Keep the history alive!!!
David P.
San Diego, CA
This museum MUST NOT CLOSE.

It is as much of a symbol of what is good about my United States Marine Corps as the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, each of which are emblematically represented by the museum with its unique historical artifacts and its function aboard MCAS Miramar, as well as for the surrounding community. Closing it permanently would be a very short sighted and ill-conceived decision.  Since when has the USMC backed away from a challenge to preserve its ideals and rich history? That would not be the USMC in which I proudly served.

Keep the Flying Leatherneck Museum open and give it the full support it deserves!


David P.

former Marine Officer

Keith  G.
Pembroke Pines, FL
My cousin, 2nd Lieutenant August C. Baetzhold, Jr., VMSB-235, and his Radioman/Gunner were killed during a training bomb run off of Ewa Field when he was unable to pull his Dauntless SBD out of their dive. I had just started to plan a trip to San Diego in order to conduct research for a short story and potential short form documentary. Their squadron deployed out of San Diego. Where else on the west coast does the public have better access (to include open cockpit days) to the proud and storied history of Marine Corps Aviators than with the Flying Leathernecks? Please don’t turn your back on our fallen.  Please don’t close this museum.
Stephen H.
Sugar Land, TX
This is an integral piece of U.S. history that should always be remembered.  It is now more important than ever to preserve our past as the current generation tries to erase it.
Kelly L.
God Bless our leathernecks! We must preserve their proud history.  Do NOT allow the woke mob to take over the USMC!
Ruth T.
Please don’t close this San Diego gem!
Lynn M.
San Diego, CA
It would be such a shame to lose this piece of our history at MCAS Miramar.  Teaching and inspiring our future generations and allowing those a place to visit and remember who are part of military aviation history are so important.  Looking back helps us move forward.  I hope it becomes a priority to preserve these aircraft!
Kevin R.
Bonsall, Ca
The Marine Corp should embrace, preserve and proudly cherish their aviation history.
David R.
Albany, CA
i have been to the Flying Leatherneck Museum to donate to its library and to research my father’s service with the USMC. Please do not close this valuable and unique resource for the families of America’s veterans. California has played a role in Marine Corps aviation history for many generations of Californians and not to have a museum to visit in the West would make it very difficult to honor and to maintain the memory of that history.

Please view our Facebook group: VMF-222 Historical Page that members (many of us are family members of that WWII squadron’s veterans) have developed with the help of the Flying Leatherneck Museum.

Julie N.
La Jolla CA
This unique museum is preserving a window into an important part of American history.  It should be saved!
Sam S.
Corona, CA
Please save the museum. I served as a Marine and worked with a number of the aircraft as an avionics tech. My dad was a Marine too and flew a number of them as a fighter pilot. When I want to take my children and grandchildren to see the planes their dad, grandpa and great grandpa worked with and flew, this is where I go. Please don’t take this from us and our families. I cry with pride every time I see these beautiful old planes with the memories they bring. Semper Fidelis.
James C.
San Diego ca
Keep it open. It is at least as important as the Golf Course.
Heather S.
Poway, CA
It would be a shame to close this great family facility. My boys have both expressed interest in the military and love visiting the museum. If nothing else, consider its value for outreach.
Marjorie G.
San Diego, CA
When our kids were younger they loved this museum! And I know of 2 boys from my son’s Boy Scout troop who first decided to join the military after visiting. This is not an expensive or high maintenance museum but of great value to the kids and adults who visit. Please do not close this site!
Sumi  K.
San Diego, CA
Please don’t close this lovely museum! It is filled with history for us to pass down , generation to generation!
Susan N.
San Diego, CA
I wish I had known this museum existed.  I grew up in San Diego, but lived away for many years and never once saw any stories or marketing for it when I would come visit.

Now that I live in San Diego again, this is a museum I would have really enjoyed visiting with family and friends. It’s unfortunate the decision has been made to close it, because military aviation holds such a big role in San Diego history.

If there is any chance to save the museum, I hope decision makers seriously consider it. I was surprised to learn it only received 30,000 visitors a year. I think that is because most residents didn’t know it even existed. With a little advertising, I think locals and tourists would really enjoy seeing the planes and park.

Jeff D.
Vancouver, Washington
A great asset, easy to access, excellent variety of aircraft that tells the story of Marine Aviation!
Melinda S.
San Diego
Please keep this valuable history resource open!!!
Mark B.
It is important and vital that we save the History of the USMC for our children and for future generations.

Please reconsider your decision to close the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.

When each of us who have served our Country are gone, this unique cultural asset should remain as a tribute to those who served and those who gave their lives to the USMC.

Thank you for your consideration.

greg s.
Please save the museum which holds so many memories for many of us.
Jerry A.
San Diego
I wholeheartedly support the continued funding of the Flying Leatherneck Aviation. This is not only a great community asset but it is a tremendous recruiting tool for the local area! I personally know of several young folks who were inspired to join the Marine Corps after visiting the museum and speaking with the volunteers. Just from this aspect alone it would be tremendously foolish to defund the museum.

Jerry A


USMC (ret)

Robert W.
San Diego CA
Let a non-profit take it over and move it off the base.

I served in the USMC and value it’s history.

Elizabeth F.
My son loves visiting the museum and seeing the aircraft his father and grandfather flew.
James Clifford F.
Please save this piece of history that helps build our culture of 100+ years!
Ruben M.
Corona, Ca.
Theirs a lot of history there, it be a shame to let that go!!
Richard G.
Carlsbad, CA
It is essential that we preserve our history instead of destroying it or ignoring it like it didn’t exist.  We need to support our military and especially the Marines!
Jim  D.
Englewood, Florida
Do not close another aviation heritage.  Museums like this inspire our next generation of aviators while paying tribute to those that served
Mark M.
Chula Vista
The Leatherneck Museum offers a unique hands-on opportunity to experience part of San Diego’s vast military history and should not be lost or wasted.  Like our aging veteran population, once this gift is lost it can never be gotten back.
Michael  D.
Nashville, TN
Dear Sir or Madam,

I have visited the museum on multiple occasions. My father has been involved in the development of the museum.  This is a National treasure to all of us who support the Marine Corps.

We speak of supported the Veterans for all that they do for us. Keep this museum open would show that support and honor our Veterans.

Frank S.
El Cajon ca
Please keep this museum open.
Cathy U.
San Diego
Please keep this museum open.  My son visited with his father who is a Vietnam veteran who passed away 3 years ago.  He is a Silver Star receipt for his bravery during battle.  My son now has a 13 month old son he would love to take to the museum as he grows older to experience the same bonding experience he had when he visited with his father.  Please, please keep this museum open for my grandson, son, their deceased veteran father and grandfather and the community of San Diego.
Sydney  L.
San Diego,  CA
Please don’t close this my kids are looking forward to finally being able to go to this place as they are old enough to understand and be interested in aviation museums.
Charmaine D.
El Cajon, California
The Marine Corps is a fundamental part of San Diego history. This country spends BILLIONS of tax dollars on aid to foreign countries and support of illegal residents. To dismantle the marine corps museum is a slap in the face to the men and women who protect us and enable our ability to do so. Save the museum and our American values
Heather  A.
San Diego,CA
Please stay open! Amazing place great for kids!
Matt J.
Northbrook Illinois
Flew w Gen Aguilar in the 80s and flew the AH-1J

Cobra that is on display during Desert Storm.

Keep the Muesum open.

History !!

Sab  V.
San Diego
Keep it open!
Ashleigh  S.
San Diego California
We absolutely love this museum! The volunteers are amazing and it is such a great learning experience for kids. With everything else taken from them this past year. Please reconsider closing such an amazing opportunity for kids to learn in a safe environment!!
Lizette  R.
Please save this museum. It saddens my heart to hear it’s closing. PRESERVE HISTORY. Do it for our children
Ramona, CA
I am a Marine veteran who appreciated the air support and transportation provided for us.
Evan M.
San Diego, CA
Being someone who loves history, especially military history, I would be deeply saddened if this museum closed. I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life and ever since I was little I loved going to visit. Please reconsider.
Ashleigh S.
El Cajon  California
Please do not close this wonderful museum! This is such an amazing opportunity for children to learn!
Dawn M.
Please keep the museum open for the future generations to understand.
Devin S.
San Francisco, CA
My Dad was a USMC aviation technician during the Korean War, this museum means a lot to our family!
David R.
El Cajon, CA
This museum is an invaluable community asset. It has been a great way to teach my children about the tradition and history of Marine Corps aviation. Losing this museum would be a huge blow to the greater San Diego community. Please reconsider.
Becca F.
Carlsbad, CA
This place was amazing! We just moved to the area and recently found out about the museum so we had to go before it was shut down. My son LOVED it! He couldn’t get enough of it! He is only 18 months so I can only imagine how much his love for this aviation museum would grow if it were to stay open longer. I wish we had more time to take him here! We are all about finding affordable family friendly entertainment and sharing our great finds with others! I wish we could take our friends here in the future! I know many people who would really appreciate it! Thank you for having us today! Please reconsider the closure!
Ludmila N.
Chula Vista
Pls keep the museum open!
Lucinda H.
San Diego, CA
This is a wonderful museum. The retired servicemen who volunteer as docents as wonderful as living historians of our military aviation history.
Carly P.
San Diego, CA
Please keep the museum open! This is an iconic place of history and memories in our community that means a lot to many people.  I have loved visiting with our three children and showing them the f/a-18 jets that mommy and daddy worked on. Please don’t close it down!
Ken B.
La Mesa, CA
There will be no savings, it’ll cost multi- millions to liquidate the aircraft. Penny-wise/pound-foolish; Keep it open!
Jessica  F.
San Diego, CA
Please keep it open
Ruth S.
El Cajon, CA
Please stay open!!
Melissa L.
San Diego, CA
Please save the museum especially for children to enjoy!
Cathy B.
My sons loved this place when they were younger.  Please keep it.
Eric V.
Ravenswood WV
In a time when most of our kids do not know their history, we need museums like this.
Richard S.
Medford, oregon

As a Marine and Crew Chief of a CH-46 (154028 and others) from 1973-77 I respectfully request you reconsider the closing of The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. As an alternative I would hope that it at least could be moved to another location, even to the East Coast or a part of the country that still respects what our military has contributed to the defense of our country. San Diego and Calif is not one of those locations. Thank you for your consideration !!

semper fi

Sgt Richard C. S

Dell D.
Nipomo, Ca
I’m a Retired LtColonel in the USMC and life member of the Flying Leatherneck Museum. Please help us save this outstanding museum.
Daisy S.
San Diego, California
Please save this museum! The volunteers are nothing short of amazing.
Phil H.
El Cajon
love our military services.  This is a very much liked museum.
Don  B.
Beaufort, SC
The Corps history is clearly a huge story of success and accomplishments that other services could only dream to achieve🇺🇸 We set the standard for excellence that others only try to immulate 🇺🇸 It is important that others across our country can see and share our history as it helped frame our nation.
Margaret G.
La Mesa
Please consider keeping the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum open to the public. I live in La Mesa, CA which is a suburb of San Diego and have visited the museum. My father was a Sgt. Maj. in the Marine Corps and was stationed at Moffett Field in the 1960’s. I remember going to the air shows there and that started my interest in Marine Corps aviation at a young age. Sharing that enthusiasm with a younger generation is possible if the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum remains open.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.

Eric B.
Honolulu, HI
This museum must be saved.
I was born in San Diego and at the time of my birth in 1959 all of my grandparents lived in San Diego. One of those grandparents was William T Fink a 25 year veteran of the USN and took me to Miramar for my first airshows. I once worked for Alfred S “Al” Taddeo and remember his accounts of the first Blue Angels squadron. The importance of the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is more than dollars and cents. The preservation of it’s artifacts right where they are is essential to maintaining a collective heritage.
Shawn B.
Del Mar, CA
The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is a truly wonderful piece of San Diego’s rich tapestry of public museums. While it’s possible to get close to the base during the yearly air show, this museum offers a year round opportunity to get close to the planes and helps bring the military community and broader community together. It would be a great loss if this museum has to close – please find of way of keeping it open.
john m.
Chula Vista, CA
Marine Corps aviation history is one of a kind as is this museum. Please save it all cost! If you can win at Mount Suribachi – you can win this fight! Semper Fi!
Tad P.
San Diego
Please find a way to save the Leatherneck Museum! Places like that, and the USS Midway, serve as a place where Veterans like me can remember and share a significant part of our lives.

The cost is miniscule compared to so much other spending that I can’t believe with some commitment the funds can’t be found.

Dennis Z.
So much for Semper Fi , brilliant idea to get rid of things to have PRIDE in. What’s next ? Give the land to a foreign country,maybe China. Destroy our history to weaken the country even further to the point that there is no AMERICA left .No borders, no history ,R.I.P. AMERICA 1776-2021.
Dohwan K.
Savannah, GA
This is irreplaceable history. It would be irresponsible to not preserve the sacrifices and triumphs of the Marine Corps for future generations to admire and be inspired by.
Cindy N.
San Diego, CA
Please keep the museum open!