Charles “Sly” Magill  scored the last recorded air-to-air victory by a U.S. Marine Corps pilot on January 17,1991.

Top Gun graduate and Marine F/A-18 Hornet pilot, Captain Charles “Sly” Magill, was on exchange with the U.S. Air Force on the second day of the Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm).  He was the Air-to-Air Commander of the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional) fighter force leading the Air Force strike mission against Iraq’s Al Taqaddum Airfield, 20 miles west of Bagdad.


Magill’s group of fighters picked up two Iraqi MiG-29s on radar. During the ensuing air-to-air combat engagement, “Sly” and Air Force Captain Rhory “Hoser” Draeger each downed one of the MiG-29s.


“Sly” Magill continued to fly with the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing in the Persian Gulf War, eventually logging more than 50 combat missions in the F-15.

As a result of his January 17, 1991, actions, Magill was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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Credit: U.S. Air Force illustration by Naoko Shimoji
Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force via the aviation geek