In today’s podcast we share several very positive developments in your Foundation’s efforts to save the museum and reopen it to the public.

On May 25, 2021, the Irvine City Council unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Irvine and the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation, allowing the city to move forward with the planning for the restoration and refurbishment of the hangar facility at Great Park.

This relocation would be a homecoming for the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, established in 1989 at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, in Irvine.

There is more good news. Headquarters Marine Corps has placed a six-month hold on transferring the USMC-owned aircraft and artifacts from Miramar.  Discussion are being held now between your Foundation and the USMC to finalize agreements for long term loans of the aircraft and artifacts in the collection.

Stay tuned….we will be bringing you more updates on the “Save the Museum” effort on these pages.

Photo-l-r,  Foundation Executive Director, BGen Michael Aguilar,  City of Irvine Mayor, Farrah N. Khan, and City of Irvine Councilmember, Anthony Kuo, in front of the proposed new Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum home at Great Park, Irvine.