Inspired by Major Ferguson and by Mitch Albom’s 2007 best seller, Tuesdays with Morrie, Foundation volunteer and producer of the “On the Fly” podcast, Patrick Ball, started meeting Sundays with Major Ferguson to document his experiences and insights. With 100 years of experience and acquired wisdom, Major Ferguson had that uncanny ability to synthesize life lessons into rare practical ideas that strengthen individuals, families and communities.

Maj Glenn Ferguson (USMC retired) made and observed history as a fighter pilot in the Pacific during WWII, a medical evacuation helicopter pilot in the Korean Conflict and as co-pilot of Marine One for President Eisenhower.

Maj Ferguson was a very active volunteer at the museum, a huge supporter of the work of the Foundation to preserve USMC aviation history, and the founder of the student essay contest, the student art contest and the Irene Ferguson Marine Wife Recognition Award.

Major Ferguson passed away on December 18, 2021.  He is deeply missed by all of us who had the privilege of knowing him.

Thank you, Patrick Ball, for giving us permission to publish the “On the Fly” podcasts with this great American.

In Part 2, Glenn discusses enlisting in the USMC in 1939 and his military career.

In Part 3, Glenn discusses the “Honor, Courage and Commitment” Essay Contest which is held each year in partnership with the Character Education Resource Center at the University of San Diego.

In Part 4, Host Patrick Ball eulogizes Major Glenn Ferguson who passed away on December 18, 2021.