“The Inside Loop” is an online forum where kids of all ages can get their questions answered by our experts

Kids do say and ask the darndest things.

If my memory serves me correctly…who’s kidding who here…who relies on memory these days? With a quick Google search, you will discover that the popular Art Linkletter Show, which ran for over 17 years, one of the first television shows to feature questions and comments from young people.

A new twist on this time-honored entertainment you will truly enjoy is The Inside Loop hosted by the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. This series is now available on YouTube.

The Inside Loop is a cheerful, yet serious, examination of issues that parents may have trouble explaining from questions received after a visit to a museum or other historical sites. For that matter, parents (and educators alike), The Inside Loop may assist in dealing with the barrage of questions that come up daily over social media, in online sessions, and from friends or neighbors.

Let’s face it, kids do ask the best questions! Pure unadulterated optimists. No admonition or holding back. Just wholesome and to the point questions!

For example, here are a couple of recent questions we received from young people:

“What’s it feel like to fly a fighter jet?”

“What does a Marine do?”

This video dialogue, hosted by Museum volunteer Justin Whitney, is dedicated to helping America’s future leaders turn their museum visit, be it on-site or virtual, from an engaging experience to a historical connection between family, friends, and patriotic heroes from a bygone era.

Have a question? Want some answers? Then tune in! You will be enlightened, and leave with a smile. Then share it with a loved one.

We’re certain you will be convinced this brief “good news” segment is just as calming and educational for adults as it is for its intended audience.

In the first episode, young people ask Major Glenn Ferguson (USMC-retired) questions.  Major Ferguson served as a WWII dive bomber pilot, a medical evacuation helicopter pilot during the Korean War and as a co-pilot of Marine One for President Eisenhower.

Check it out! Just click the link for – The Inside Loop. You’ll be glad you did!

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