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Kenneth K.
Wheaton, Illinois
I have visited the museum several times while visiting San Diego, and it is always a highlight of my visit. The collection is beautifully maintained and displayed ,and should be a sense of pride to the all who treasure Marine and Navy aviation. I loved visiting with my son who is a pilot and seeing many of the aircraft by father serviced as a Navy carrier mechanic in Korea. The collection is irreplaceable!!! There has to be options other than closure! As we learned several years ago in my home state of Illinois with the closure of the Chanute AFB Museum, the history is lost forever. Upon getting the email, I immediately emailed my congressional representative and wrote letters to both the Marines and Navy at the Pentagon.
Mary C.
It is not only an asset to the community but to our Veterans and the volunteers who are so kind, gracious and love to talk about the planes.  We visited and my son said before bed he really liked the guy who told him about what all the controls were in one the planes  that was open.  When I told him the museum was closing he said he was sad and I said did that man tell you he used to fly a plane like this and he said no.  I told him I was sad for the man because he got such joy about telling us about the plane.  My son said he would make him feel better by buying the plane so the man could keep it.  I think the better solution is to keep the museum open for the sake of our community, the families and children who like to visit and the volunteers who get so much joy from telling their stories and telling us about the exhibits.

I can’t imagine it costs that much to keep the museum open.  Not compared to the cost of other things. If the Marines are trying to save money perhaps they can find another way.

James L.
Orange CA
We don’t have a draft anymore.

What better way to recruit new marines?

All the air shows are gone. El Toro. Maybe. Miramar.

As a vet I love to see how our  dedication and patriotism for our country is revived at locations around the states

Please don’t let the cancel culture. Do this to our armed forces.

Maria D.
Hereford, Arizona
It is imperative you do not close this museum.  I understand the museum is able to operate without funding from your budget.  You only need to lease the land to the museum.  There is no greater purpose than to honor our military and their service as they have kept us the great nation we are in contrast to leftist opinion.  The Marines have shown great honor, it is time for you to show the same honor. History is important.  Do your part to keep it alive, please.
Amy M.
Decatur, il
I was stationed at Miramar 2005-2009. This museum was impactful for my family and for the community. It’s rich in history and should remain open.
Emma C.
Sam Diego, CA
This museum provides historical value. It’s like having the air shows without the crowds

And with the COVID it’s vital to aviation history.

Apolonio  A.
San Diego, CA
Navy veteran, retired.

Preserve the history for the young ones, too.

Melita A.
San Diego, CA
Keep it open and preserve history of aviation.
Shannon A.
Vista, CA
Please keep the museum open!
Sally W.
San Diego, CA
Please, please don’t close down the museum!
John S.
Carlsbad, CA
The museum is a valuable asset to our area and nation.  It provides a history of Marine aviation and an inspiration to our citizens.  Who knows how many youngsters, because of a visit to  the museum aspire to become part of Marine aviation and work harder in school and engage in other positive activities to try to reach their goal.  They are better citizens and contribute more to our nation whether or not they make it into Marine aviation.
Tammy R.
Torrance, CA
The preservation of our military history should be important to all Americans. It is important to me, and I did not serve I the military. However, my grandfathers did serve in World War 2.

The Flying Leathernecks museum and all military museums are an amazing source of education and inspiration for people of all ages.

I urge you to take all necessary steps to work with the foundation and keep this museum open. They have proposed a plan.  Please work out a solution to keep the Flying Leathernecks museum open.

Kristian W.
Kensington, CA
I’m a 72 year old Marine Brat, born at Quantico, VA. My Dad was a career Marine Aviator, who served in combat during WWII and Korea. I have supported the Museum over the years to honor my Dad and Mom, and their generation: “the greatest generation.” By closing the Museum and distributing the many aircraft and other items in its collection hither and yon, it seems to me that you are effectively dismissing all the work that has gone into that collection and it’s preservation, and disrespecting not only those many volunteers who put it together, but also the men and women who used those items in service to our country, and in its defense. I also recognize that money talks, and voters vote, so it is necessary for government officials to carefully consider costs in making decisions, but I hope that you will work with the Museum to find a solution that preserves the Museum’s collection, in tact. Thanks, and God bless.
Russell B.
Bergenfield, NJ
I really think closing the Museum, is a real mistake. It keeps the Marine Corps heritage alive for our next generation and beyond.  It is also about the history of our nation, in time of war and peace.

There are not many aviation museums in the United States, so why close this one?

Joyce K.
Twentynine Palms, CA
My son who is High Functioning Autistic was so looking forward to going to The Flying Leathernecks Museum. He actually was so stricken by the news he took to his bed and was over whelmed by pure grief for several days.  I have been at 29 Palms and Yermo and I ask for permission to speak freely Sir. Please do not close this museum. It’s important to all of us not just a few. I will gladly buy a years membership.

Respect and Honor,

Ed D.
San Diego, CA
We must stop destroying, or forgetting our history.
Alex K.
Palos Hills, Illinois
Amazing Collection.  Needs to be preserved and open to the public.
Diane F.
Brea, CA
We’ve already lost some historic statues to those who hate this country and want to erase our history. Please don’t let this be erased too.
Budd S.
Fallbrook, CA
Please save this museum… I was in an F 8 squadron in Vietnam and was surrounded by many of the planes on display.  I love to take my Great Grandchildren to this place where many of my brothers can’t go.
Jack C.
San Diego, California
As a docent for over ten years, I have enjoyed meeting aviators from around the world, an experience that would have never been available to me! The aircraft display, adjacent to the high traffic Miramar Road, has enticed many motorists to come to the museum and created interest in USMC aviation.

The F.L.A.M. is also listed in the San Diego visitors guide along with the USS Midway attraction, indicating support by the Chamber of Commerce and the community in general.

LTC. Ret. US Army

Glenn W.
Escondido, CA
Please keep the museum open. I, and many friends have visited and enjoyed it for the last 20 years. It would be terrible to see this unique and historical museum disappear.
Jackson M.
San Diego, CA
Please keep the museum for future generations to enjoy!
John W.
San Diego, CA
History of our Marines, Military, and freedom for our country should not be erased but cherished and sustained.
Dan J.
Huntingtown, MD
To whom it may concern,

I received the disheartening information this weekend stating the Marine Corps intends to permanently close the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. I currently reside on the east coast and have access to the most impressive of all the service museums in Quantico, VA; however, my family and I have visited the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum in years past as have tens of thousands of citizens and foreign travelers who visit southern California. I believe the Museum is worth saving.

I am not aware of the reason for the closure; whether due to the cost, to capitalize on the sale/lease of that small piece of land, or for some private-public interests, but my understanding is that the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation has enough funds to continue operations for up to three years.  In that time, the foundation could develop courses of action to maintain the museum, including privatizing or charging a small admission. I assume there are currently volunteers to lower the operating costs.

As a retired Marine and father of an active duty Marine aviator I cherish the history and traditions of the Corps, as do most of the Marines with whom I served.

It has become increasingly frustrating and sad to watch the wholesale, internal disintegration of our nation and the rewriting of our history. We are also witnessing the broadbrush denigration of our Defense Department and service members.  We owe it to those who fought before us, to our current warriors, and to future generations to preserve the history and traditions of the Corps.

If the closing of the museum is unavoidable – again, I believe there is always an alternative – then I hope and pray the Marine Corps has a plan to preserve those precious assets.  Just as we can never replace the historic statues, buildings, and landmarks of our nations history that have been unceremoniously destroyed, we can never replace the aircraft, equipment, photos, and stories that have entertained so many at the Museum.

You do not owe me or anyone an answer; I am simply joining the list of those who ask you to reconsider before the museum is permanently closed.

Thank you all for fighting to preserve this historical treasure.

Eugene J.
Stationed there in 1971. Please preserve this museum and those beautiful aircraft.
Phillip  B.
Yale, MI
It is an outrage to allow this archive of Naval/ Marine aviation to be shuttered and dismantled.  The heritage and heroes represented deserve better. As a flight deck Navy veteran, I feel that it is paramount to reconsider this closure. Please allow this record of our brave aviators and their incredible machines to persevere. We owe it to them!
William W.
Keshena, WI
Please keep this museum open, I was Naval Aviation ADJ2, VF-53, 1968-1971 and did 3 Vietnam cruses. This museum is a great piece of history and needs to be preserved.
James F.
Oceanside, CA
Please save this piece of Marine Corps history. This is very near and dear to the hearts of Veteran’s and their families.

Semper Fi.

Dan S.
Riverside, CA
Please please please do not make a short sighted decision to close the Flying Leathernecks museum. It’s important that these historic aircraft are preserved for future generations. Above all make sure that none of the aircraft are destroyed should the museum have to close. There has to be other museums where these aircraft can be re-located to if need be.
Dionne S.
Escondido, CA
This museum is a great place for kids and teens to learn American history. I’m sure the loss will far outweigh the gain if this history is erased. Of all the areas to cut your budget, this seems to be a stretch. Keep crunching numbers and rethinking this decision. There’s got to be a different solution.
William S.
Kalaheo, HI
Closing the Museum is not being “Semper Fidelis.”  Has HQMC lost its mind?  WTF?  Over!
Mahalene  D.
San Diego, CA
This is a special place for my family.  My dad used to work on aviation in the Navy, and have been taking my kids here to talk about history and aviation for the last 6 years.  I would hope you consider the voices of the public and what this museum means to us.  Thank you!
Tulio S.
Virginia Beach, VA
I’m a USN Sailor. When I visit the San Diego area I usually stay at the Marine Corps Inn at Miramar. Some of my kids earliest memories are seeing those war birds. Please keep it open.
john C.
Marietta, Georgia
In the Marine Corps July ’63 to June ’67.  was in the air wing worked on some of the aircraft at the museum. Visited there with three of my grand children three years, I found it to be a great experience to share with my grand children and son-in-law. I think it would be a shame to close this west coast museum, leaving only Quantico and the Naval Air Museum  on the east coast.. I think one issue is it being outdoors and the desert elements are taking their total on these vintage aircraft.
Jason P.
Medical Lake, WA
This is an outstanding museum that is preserving and sharing Marine Corps aviation  history. I have enjoyed my many visits here, learning and remembering at each visit. I look forward to taking my three children here to visit, all whine have expressed an interest in becoming military pilots.
Stephen O.
Charlotte, NC
Please fight to preserve this excellent collection of historic USMC aircraft
frederick f.
Volcano Village, Hawaii
After leaving the Marines in 1976, and before joining the Air Force in 1978, I made a point of stopping by the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum about 20 years ago.  As with all museums it opened my eyes to things I never knew about the Marine Corps and was thoroughly enjoyable.  It is hard to imagine that not just Marines but also people of all persuasions won’t have the opportunity to broaden their horizons at this outstanding museum.  What a waste to simply close this historical monument and let the artifacts drift to unknown spaces.  As this museum could be completely financed and supported by sources outside the military, there must be ulterior motives associated with the closure decision at the highest levels of leadership.  Wish I knew the reasoning, because closing doesn’t make any sense to me.  Have you lost sight of the meaning of the Marine motto – semper fi?  Please reconsider.
Brian P.
Napa, CA
Please save the museum. Their rich history and beautifully restored aircraft are worth saving and sharing for the future.
Frank  K.
Maryville, TN
This is an important part of the Marine Corps history and should be save. I’m not sure why your closing it when you where offered the opportunity for volunteers to work and finance the operation. Scraping history is not the answer. Before that happens there are many veteran organizations that may want to acquire a aircraft or artifacts fir their post to keep history alive. A quick email sent to all veterans organizations with a realistic deadline to obtain these items seems a realistic and reasonable request. Give this idea serious consideration please.

Respectfully submitted…a proud Navy Vet and current Amvet Post 1st Vice Commander

Joseph L.
El Cajon, CA
On April 1, 2021, the United States Marine Corps intends to permanently close the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.

Please do not close this museum.  It is a 2nd home to many vets that have place their life on the line.  They deserve to continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Michelle E.
Kingman, AZ
I have been waiting to get to visit this when I learned about it a year and a half ago. Due to Covid however and the restrictions in place by the state, I haven’t been able to make it to the museum. After hearing how awesome it is, better than any textbook, please do not shut this down.
Steve E.
Kingman, AZ
Marines do not give up and surrender, they keep fighting using every resource imaginable, do not let this be the time to surrender
Tony K.
Considering the proud heritage of the Marine Corp and all the armed forces, I find it hard to believe that this outstanding collection of military aircraft, a superb presentation of what military pride and honor represent is being taken down over financial issues. I have no doubt that the operating costs of this fine museum would come up to “chump change” when placed within the annual overall budget.  Surely there are other avenues to consider in order to fund up and keep this museum in operation. The public and military sentiment regarding this planned move must certainly echo my view on this topic. Please reconsider. I’m confident it would ultimately serve you and all of us better to keep these fine aircraft intact. They serve as an inspiration to children growing up, to the old guard who served in years past and at the very least, a worthy tourist attraction.  Most sincerely.
Jorge M.
We’ve visited the museum since our son was 3 years old. He’s now 12 and still enjoys every visit. We also being family members when they visit San Diego.

The older my son gets, the more he learns and gets informed about the museum volunteers as well.

Please keep the museum open and we promise to keep visiting!

Jennifer F.
Tallahassee, FL
Father is Marine aviator and son wants to be one too. Museum is a place to cherish the history and have young future Marine aviators come to explore and learn about those that have served before.
Jay Jay M.
San Diego, CA
Please keep the museum. It means alot to not just the military but also the community of Mira Mesa and Miramar. It is a San Diego landmark.
William  A.
Frederick, MD
This is a great little museum connected to a site important to Marine Corps (and Navy) aviation.  It seems misguided to close it, especially when there is volunteer staff willing to keep it in operation.
Keenon H.
Escondido, CA
Please save this museum, it’s important that we not only save, but share the history of aviation to all generations.
Elk Grove, CA
Very sad that this museum may close!
Csaba C.
Vinkeveen, Netherlands
I’m an aviation enthusiast from the Netherlands. This museum is on my bucket list for years now because of the rare aviation history it holds. I think it will be a big shame to close it and let to be wasted the information that this museum will provide to the visitors.
Jon D.
Spokane, WA
Our military aviation history is not to be forgotten. The Flying Leatherneck Museum is a small but vital part of the preservation of that history – not only to MCAS Miramar and the San Diego area, but to our nation. Please reconsider the decision to close the museum and break up their collection so that future generations may learn about our history.
Aaron H.
San Diego, CA
Money required to operate and maintain this museum is a great investment, not only in the preservation of Marine Corps aviation history, but as a recruitment tool and inspiration for those considering joining the Marine Corps.   Before joining the Navy and becoming a helicopter pilot, I visited many museums that reviewed the history of  military aviation, and they were instrumental in initiating and maintaining my desire to join the military.  Although there are numerous aviation museums focusing on military aviation throughout the country, means aren’t available to everyone to travel to them, necessitating some redundancy to teach those in the local area about USMC aviation.  Maintaining a museum like this at an active Marine Corps Air Station provides a unique, concurrent perspective of past and current USMC and overall military aviation.  This museum’s location not only recruits from the San Diego population, but due to San Diego’s position as a great vacation destination, the Flying Leatherneck museum can teach and influence people from all over the country.  Please consider preserving this exceptional museum to preserve Marine Corps aviation history, and teach and inspire future generations to serve in the United States Marine Corps.
Antonio A.
San Diego, CA
Please help us save the Flying Leatherneck Museum.
Mark H.
Atlanta, GA
I have visited the Flying Leatherneck Museum twice during visits to the San Diego Area (Jan. 2014, May 2018). On both occasions I enjoyed sitting and talking with the staff as much as I did looking at the aircraft. I have enjoyed the museum immensely and would be very sad to see it permanently closed. I am hoping some way can be found to preserve it. The San Diego area is all the better for it’s being there.
Greg S.
Poway, CA
The museum is wonderful facility. And the volunteers bring to life so much military history.  It is a shame to even consider closing this museum.
Ray D.
Lake Forest, CA
I am a Marine Corps veteran and served from 1964 to 1968.  I was an aircraft electronics technician and served 2 tours in Viet Nam with my squadron, VMA-121.  I have visited the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum twice in the last few years and thoroughly enjoyed being able to learn more about the Marine Corps’ aviation history and “relive” my history as well.  The museum and all it offers must not be allowed to disappear, never to tell our story and educate future generations about the proud history of Marine aviation.
Please keep our history alive….
Daniel B.
Lemon Grove, California
I started my military adventure in the USMC, and retired from the Navy reserve in 2020. This museum is very important to keep for future generations and should not be closed. I very respectfully request that you please reconsider the decision to close this wonderful display.
Jason G.
Fargo, North Dakota
This is a wonderful museum that I have had the privilege of visiting during a visit to the area in 2019. It would be a tremendous shame to lose this amazing outlet of Marines history. Please do not close.
Curtis J.
Cheyenne, WY
I was not a Marine. But as a Navy Vet based at NAS Miramar (now MCAS Miramar), I worked on quite a few Marine Corps aircraft. The heritage and history of Naval and Marine Corps aviation need to be preserved, not discarded as so much chaff. Sure it costs some money, but I’d rather that some of my tax dollars go toward supporting facilities like this, than some of the other spending programs our government is involved in. Keep the museum open, please.
Manny M.
San Diego, CA
This museum has been a part of a lot of people’s lives and needs to be save. Please sign the petition and call your representative to save this valuable museum.
Sean G.
San Diego, CA
Everything that made this city great is gone don’t let this museum be the next.
Chris L.
The Woodlands, TX
Save our history.
christina n.
las vegas, nv
This hurts my heart and the hearts of veterans everywhere.  I am the widow of Lt. Col. George Nasif who served in WWII and Korea as a Marine Corp fighter pilot.  His bravery and combat missions (direct hits on Japanese battleships) are documented in Richard G. Hubler’s book, the “Flying Leathernecks”.
David G.
LaGrange, GA
It is inexplicable that HQMC has chosen to close this wonderful tribute to Marine Corps Aviation rather than let the Foundation continue to run it — which it has been doing for decades now.
Jennifer M.
San Diego, CA
I love this museum, and even just seeing the historic planes as I drive by on Miramar Rd. Really gives a feeling of history and importance to MCAS Miramar. It’s important that we don’t forget the long history of the Marines and of our country’s efforts in past wars.
Michelle P.
Oceanside, CA
Please reconsider closing the museum. Charging admission could help alleviate overhead costs. This museum is important as a cultural asset for young children to learn about aviation. I consider this close to my heart since we are a military family and this is a great learning opportunity for my young children. Thank you for your consideration.
Gary N.
Northbrook, IL
I served with VMGR-234 for 13 years and am very proud of the work we did to support the Marine Corps Air Wing.  It is a sad day to see that this museum would be shut down.   It is a great place to show off the history and the sacrifices made for this country.
Elk Grove, CA
I am a Marine veteran and part of 3rd MAW.  Why does the great history of our beloved Corps have to be sacrificed?
Harold K.
Sacramento, CA
How stupid can one get to close this museum.  Stupidity is out of control in in Washington………..when will this cease so we can SAVE our country from all the idiots in our government.
Katharina H.
San Diego, CA
The museum has accomplished a lot in its history—undertaking aircraft restorations to preserve pieces of history, as well as extreme dedication to chronicling the aviation history of the Marine Corps. It is a tragedy that the extensive work of volunteers should be obscured and scattered, the collection irreparably broken and never to be whole again.
Wenjie H.
San Diego, CA
Dear sir or madam,

We are so sad to see this museum closing. Please consider keeping it for the children, so that they can grow up learning and instilling about valor, courage, perseverance, every wonderful qualities that the wonderful US marine has embodies.

Thank you,

Jean A.
Buffalo, NY
US Navy Airdale, enough US History is being canceled or deleted! US Marines Air Wing are part of US History! Don’t take it away from generations to come who need to learn this stuff! Please keep open ! KA-6D Plane Captain, 69-72 VA-34!
Christa B.
Bryn Athyn, PA
My son was in the Marine Corp and was stationed at El Toro, California for several years during the 1980s—later, he was also a weekend warrior at the Willow Grove Naval Base in Willow Grove, PA which has since closed as well.  We would like to see this museum remain open since it is the ONLY USMC museum in the world and has so many original planes and aircraft for our youth to see first hand to develop their sense of patriotism; which is severely lacking more and more these days!

Please re-consider its value and keep it accessable to the public for all to see!

Kenneth A.
Wichita, KS
I am truly honored to submit my opinion that this museum be preserved and kept in place for so all Marines past, present and future will have the opportunity to visit feel for the first time pieces of our Marine Corps history.  I think it is a travesty to remove or destroy an aircraft that are being presented to Americans from all walks of life so they can relate to the importance that each of these aircraft had on those of us who served in the Marine Corps.  I personally do not want to see any further removal and destruction of significant symbols of this nation.  These aircraft previously and now have special places in our lives and hearts!  I was a mechanic and crew chief on the UH-1N Huey during my service in the Marine Corps and even now after 24 years since I retired, I still love that helicopter and what it meant to me!  The leaders of our Corps need to do everything possible to prevent closure and destruction of this aircraft from happening.  If there is anything political or part of this “cancel culture” getting involved in this decision, then we Marines will not have anything left to remind us and anyone else of our Marine Corps heritage and history.  I truly hope the Commandant and SecNav will listen to those of us who want nothing more than to preserve these aircraft for those of us who are still here today and for those to come.

Semper Fidelis,



Jill S.
Big Springs, Nebraska
Do NOT close the museum!!! My son is a Marine and this is part of America’s history!!!
Jian Y.
San Diego, CA
My whole family love this museum and we go to there every two months before the pandemic. Please save the museum for San Diego!
Christopher C.
In order to learn from history, we must preserve the past!!!
Gene T.
Stockton CA
I was a member of VF-191 when your F8 Crusader was in service, and hate to see this museum close, especially when the museum operators are offering to cover the expenses of its operation.
Keryn R.
Palm coast, Florida
It is a disgrace that this country seems to be determined on destroying the Marine Corps and it’s history.  This is the only museum dedicated to marine corps aviation, it has ample funding, and has historic significance drawing thousands of veterans and family members every year.  Stop systematically trying to destroy everything about the USMC!
Michael  A.
Chino, CA
This museum has its roots with both MCAS El Toro & Tustin which are now closed. Now you want to remove the history of USMC aviation in the skies of Southern California. Shame on you.
James L L.
Vancouver, WA
There is none better than the Flying Leathernecks to tell the story of Marine Aviation with such a collection of aircraft many of us flew.

Who better to tell the history?

Sha R.
Norwalk, CA
Hello, I am disturbed to find out this shut down on OANN.

We Marines love and cherish our history, which is important to preserve.


Wayne A.
Dana Point, CA
As a former Marine, I fully support the museum and want to keep it open.
Nicole L.
Ventura, CA
Please don’t close this museum!! My Uncle was  Sgt. Major Ernest Trimberger. He was a proud Marine! He took us every time we’d come to visit I’d really hate to see it close
Deborah H.
Huntington Beach, CA
We need to save a piece of history for young people to see. PLEASE
Chris F.
We’ve been enjoying this unique San Diego treasure since my son could barely walk. To lose it would be a huge loss for all of San Diego as well as San Diego families.  Please consider all alternatives to keep this wonderful museum alive.  Thank you!
Nathan H.
Escondido, CA
This place should stay open. It would be an insult to San Diego, The Marine Corps, and The United States if this museum was closed.
Andrew W.
San Diego, CA
The Leatherneck museum is a real asset to the San Diego community and gets young minds stoked about history and the STEM fields.
Brian H.
San Diego, CA
Please preserve this important regional museum for future generations!
W Leroy W.
Broken Arrow, OK
I served our country as a Marine Corps Aviator during the VietNam war, flying the CH-53A with HMH-462.  I have visited this museum and feel that it should remain open to serve as a means of furthering the esprit de corps of our beloved USMC.  So much of our history is slipping away from us in this day and age.  This museum and its exhibits provide a means to keep that history alive and teach the younger generations some of the things that enable them to enjoy the freedoms they have due to those who have fought and died for our country.
Carlsbad, CA
The Flying Leatherneck is a superb museum highlighting our Marine Aviation History in an area of the country that has considerable Marine aviation assets  (MCAS Miramar, MCAS Camp Pendleton, MCAS Yuma, and the EAF, 29 Palms.  It is approximately 2700 miles from the Quantico museum and not everyone gets the opportunity to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  I strongly recommend that the Marine Corp and the Department of the Navy reconsider and keep the Flying Leatherneck Museum open.
Cindy  H.
Carlsbad CA
Please keep this wonderful facility running!
Tweeter K.
Pensacola Fl
What’s the A stand for in MAGTF? Semper Fly!
Patrick B.
Vista, CA
This “little” museum – above all others I’ve visited took me completely by surprise! And I can honestly say – it was not the artifacts. My respect and admiration came from the people who tirelessly volunteered their life to service and are willing to share their compelling experiences from WWII, Vietnam, and the Korean War. As a civilian, I gained a whole new level of respect for our service men and women. That frankly, growing up during the Vietnam War I did not have. This museum provides the type of nurturing environment that this county needs more now than ever!

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America . . .”

Garth G.
Hawthorne, NJ
Please save the museum
Shauna B.
Grayson, Kentucky
Please dont close our museum
I today’s climate of absolute insane hysteria over feelings versus facts, we need to keep institutions such as the Flying Leatherneck Museum open.
George S.
Missoula. Montana
We seem to have plenty of money for pet projects of the elite and politically connected ie. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  I’m sure there is enough money sloshing around somewhere in the Covid Relief Bill to support this national treasure.  Bend some arms and get this done for the good of the corps and the American people/

USMC 66-70

Sherri M.
Santee, CA
This museum is a great way to grow interest in the Marine Corps and showcase their aviation history.
Eric  B.
Chula Vista, Ca
It would be a shame for it to close brought my kids there and one day was hoping to bring my grandkids.
Chi Ming N.
Carlsbad, CA
This is a great San Diego landmark to be saved.
Raymond R.
I’m a Marine Veteran that spent my career as a Huey/Cobra mechanic.  My family and I are taking a trip to the area later this year and I was really hoping to show my daughter some of what I did. As well as the history behind it all.  The news of this museum closing took most of the joy I had out of this trip.
Brent R.
Chapin, SC
Is the effort to disassemble an historical record of advances in Marine aviation and a tribute to the Marines who flew and supported the aircraft an effort to dismiss historical record? What is the next record of Marine history and heroics that will be torn down?
Stanley T.
San Diego, CA
I love the Flying Leathernecks Museum!

I have two little granddaughters, and I was looking forward to taking them frequently to the Flying Leathernecks Museum when they are older, to encourage them to appreciate what our Marines have done for our country, and to interest them in aviation. This museum is the most “user-friendly” aviation museum I have been to, because of its location, the friendliness of the docents, and the inherent interest of the aircraft and other displays.

Randy P.
Terrebonne, Oregon
Unbelievable to consider closing the museum, especially when there are viable options!!!
Arnold J.
Spokane, Washington
I am sorely disappointed in the Marine Corps decision to close this great museum which is such an incredible tribute to Marine Corps aviation. I flew A-4’s for VMA-214 and VMA-133 and actually flew the museums A-4M when it was with VMA-133. I always try to stop by the museum when I’m in San Diego visiting my son who now flies F-18’s for VMFA-323. To lose this museum is to lose part of our history, we don’t want to forget to look back at where we’ve come from and what our heritage is. If we forget to do this then we lose our special bond to all Marines past and future, which is what I believe the Marines stands for. Lets not just focus on looking forward and take the time to honor some of the things that got us to the distinguished organization we are and love!
Morgan T.
Houston, TX
I found this gem because of a personal love of American history and airplanes. I educated myself on the history of MCAS Miramar and the Marine Corps, and then I found myself spending my afternoons sitting across from salty retired Sergeants Major, World War II pilots, and Vietnam crew chiefs listening to their stories, their thoughts, and their memories. This is one of the few special places on earth, for me.

It was my great honor to work with these men and women as a volunteer docent and admin support. They gave me more than something of value to do with my time while stationed at Miramar, they became my family and the Museum my home. Marines take care of each other, no matter what generation. This museum taught me that I am a part of that proud legacy. I could not be more proud.

As a Marine wife, it is appalling to me to see this vital resource for our community, our country, and our Corps left behind.

Our Command Museums foster important relationships of mutual understanding between the public and our military through their unique settings. Our Marine Corps and our military will be less vital without them. This museum is a powerful resource for the U.S. military and a cultural icon and beloved place of healing, sharing, connecting, and learning. Command Museums like the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum are needed as a matter of long-term national identity and security. Please reconsider the unfortunate decision to close the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.

Colleen B.
The Flying Leathernecks Museum is an important part of Marine and San Diego history.  I’ve finally had a chance to visit and loved it!  Please don’t close it down.
Linda  S.
San Diego, California
Please DO NOT CLOSE the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum! It is a necessary part of our history and there is nothing else to compare to this heartfelt tribute.
Bruce B.
La Mesa, CA
Please do not close this historical collection, it should be preserved as history for all and future generations.
Jeff S.
San Diego, CA
Please do not close this important asset to the San Diego community and tourism.
William W.
Placerville, CA
The only Museum like it on the West Coast of the U.S. It would be a real tragedy to lose this wonderful Non-Profit treasure!
Kent D.
Tampa, FL
 I last visited the museum in 2016 with a good friend “Top” John Farritor, Marine Vet of numerous WW2 battles and a Chosin survivor from Korea. He spent hours talking about the planes, etc……….especially the Corsair. Please keep this museum open. There is no reason for it to close. With all the money Washington wastes in silly spending and sending money overseas pull that back and you can keep this museum open, in it’s current location forever. Respectfully Kent Dozark, Tampa FL
Gary G.
Incline Village, Nevada
I can’t believe the Marine Corps is going to let the facility go under.  Why doesn’t the City of San Diego step in to prevent this from happening.
Cynthia W.
San Diego, California
The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is the most consequential and most watch area of the entire MCAS – just looking at the artifacts driving down Miramar Road has a smoothing affect. I have worked and maintained the Officer’s Club swimming pools for fifteen years and bear witness to all the smiling people who dawn the Museum with such joy of history. It is definitely part of the landscape and ingrain in our conscious forever. So much of history is foregone for financial gain, it makes no sense. Please keep this Museum operating in its current awesome hideaway for all to enjoy.
Kathleen B.
Temple Terrace, FL
This is an outrage, especially in light of the fact that The Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation has offered to take over operation.
James R.
Battle Ground, WA
As a 30 year volunteer of maintaining and flying these kinds of airplanes.  Museums like this still have a function for people to connect with their families past.  I have personally observed many families develop closer connections by observing their families and the machinery they used to operate in the same location.  If there was ever a time to help the public see how much effort people have put in to supporting our country and its military it is now.  Save this museum.

National Wings and Armor Foundation Volunteer

Pilot, mechanic, and guy who brings coffee and drinks to men and women who served our fine country.

david r.
san diego, ca
Steve B.
San Diego, CA
By closing this museum the powers that be are denying current and future generations the opportunity to learn about the grand history of Marine Corps aviation. As it is history in general is being rewritten, twisted or omitted altogether in schools across this great country. Our kids are growing up without a fair and honest understanding of our nation’s history (good and bad). This would be just one additional contributing factor to that diminishing understanding of our history and what it means to be an American.
Veronica B.
San Diego, CA

This is a great place for children and adults alike to learn in an open space. This is particularly important in our current pandemic. it’s also a distinct, San Diego specific attraction. Please reconsider your decision

Victor K.
San Diego, CA
It would be a tragedy.
Mary C.
Arvada, CO
For many years, this museum has been on my wish list to visit.  To learn that it will be permanently closed and all the painstakingly collected aircraft, memorabilia, donations, and displayed either scattered to the four winds or destroyed is beyond painful to read.

I work with young people on a daily basis and museums like this are critical in inspiring them to pursue goals in STEM and in service.  While I don’t live in the area, I’ve seen first-hand what a visit to a museum like this can mean to young people and their parents.

Perhaps a relative or friend was in the Marine Corps and was in the aviation wing – I’ve had several, and they are proud of their contributions to this Nation – as well as they should be.   It makes their stories real to see these stories come to life. They are proud to know there is a museum that showcases their contributions. A museum like this inspires someone to realize that they can dream of flight, of making a difference, and these dreams can come true.

Not everyone has access to the big museums, like the Smithsonian, or the USAF’s Museum of the Air Force at Wright-Patterson, or the Navy’s National Aviation Museum in Pensacola or the large aviation museum up in Seattle.

Having smaller museums like this one that is dedicated to the Marine Corps flyers is important as well. The Marines need to tell their story as well — they were and are a vital part of the aviation community, the war efforts. and this museum serves that purpose.   Just the cost of traveling to those distant museums is probably more than most people can afford, certainly for many of us, an unattainable goal.

I hope that you will reconsider and leave this museum open.  The Marines may be few but they are proud. To ignore this service and shutter forever a museum that is dedicated to telling their aviation story is wrong and does this proud group a terrible disservice.

Tom G.
San Francisco, CA
Saving the Museum is saving a part of Marine Corps history.
John S.
San Diego, ca
I enjoy the museum and bring my out of town visitors, many who see birds they have flown..
William Y.
Like the USMC combat correspondent, the flying Leatherneck is an essential part of our national history.

Please do not let this institution go down.

William Y.
USMC Combat Correspondents Association, Bay Area (Joe Rosenthal) Chapter

PS. Stay healthy.  You’re doing a good job all around.

Anne W.
San Diego, CA
I have been a volunteer at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum for almost 16 years working in the museum store.  In the store, we have time to engage our visitors in conversation, and I’d like to relate some occurrences that are not always related directly to our aircraft, but serve to fill our souls with joy and pride in our museum.  A four year old boy came in with his father, purchased a toy airplane, and then asked if he could sing me an army song.  Of course, I said yes, and he sang our national anthem all the way through, in his precious four year old voice, and there was not a dry eye in the room.  I can’t count the number of Viet Nam veterans who have visited – we always make it a point to shake their hands and welcome them home, and almost without exception, tears well up in their eyes and they say “no one has ever said that to me”.  We had a woman from Japan who brought her 96 year old father in – he had a terminal illness and wanted to touch an American war plane before he died.  We had a visitor from Kuwait who was struggling with English, he finally got the words out – he wanted to thank Americans for saving his country, and he came to the only place he thought he could find some active duty military.  We actually had some active duty Marines in our store at that time.  We had combatants – American and Japanese- from WWII on our field at the same time, that we were able to bring together to meet.  Our Museum touches lives in many ways that are not always visible- it helps children learn to appreciate and respect the military, it helps Americans to remember the sacrifices of our Marines and all of our troops, it makes us proud to be Americans – in spite of the fact that we are not a wealthy, big name organization, we always try to do the most with what we have.  Our visitors from other countries want to learn about the U. S. Marine Corps – many of them are in awe of the power of the USA.  My point is to highlight some of the other reasons to keep our Museum open – please reconsider your decision to close it.
John B.
Temple Terrace, Florida
As a Marine, a son of a Marine KIAS on Iwo Jima and awarded a PH Navy Cross I am outraged.

My Godfather was John P Condon was an outstanding Flying Leatherneck who once commanded the 1st MAW,

That the Marine Corps considers shutting down this museum is as outrageous as getting  rid of their tanks.

Stop this nonsense.

Whats coming next?

Gerald R.
Sparks, Nevada
Save the museum and the history!
Cam M.
San Diego
Please do not close the Flying Leathernecks museum at Miramar.  I was in the aerospace industry military dept. and my husband, a Marine Master Sgt, now buried at Arlington, and I lived on Miramar in the 80’s and he was on the Lady Ace parked near the front gate as he was on assignment to get the Ambassador and Embassy personnel out of the Embassy in Saigon on 4/29 & 30/1975.  He did so much for this country in the 20 years he was in from being our nations #1 marksman to Presidential Service for Nixon, Ford, Carter; Drill instructor at MCRD/Pendelton; Trained MPs, SRT team, Special Ops team; Okinawa, Korea, P.I. duty.  In Vietnam and Iraq for Desert Storm with Special Ops.  Trainer at FLETC.  Received numerous medals.  I like being able to come here as I feel a very deep connection to all that is here. A lot of the aircraft here had APUs and parts on them made at the companies I worked for in the Aerospace industry. I love being able to touch the LADY ACE CH46E helicopter that my husband was on in Vietnam. I run into people that also feel the same way.  Please do not close our Leatherneck Aviation museum as many of us here, especially in our Military area here, love it and have a very deep connection to it.  Closing it would break our hearts and spirit.  Please reconsider.
Darren P.
Fayetteville, North Carolina
By closing down these types of museums, we are erasing those brave warriors who sacrifice so much. Within a decade, their legacy will be lost.

Darren P.  LtCol USMC (ret)

Barbara F.
Escondido, California
It would be dreadful to lose this wonderful museum…our history, our military, our children and their heritage all deserve to have this continued.  I am hoping there will be some way in which to intervene and prevent the closure of the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, which is so important for both historical and educational value.

Three generations of my family have visited the museum numerous times and I would tell my college students to visit it in the past.  Please don’t allow the museum to be “cancelled” by means of closure… more than ever, we need it, and what it stands for, to be available to one and all.

Thank you.

Terri G.
San Diego, CA
The Flying Leathernecks Museum has been a staple of Aviation History.  We urge the Marine Corps, local and state officials to do whatever it takes to keep the museum in San Diego.
Melissa P.
San Diego, CA
Please save this wonderful museum!  My son absolutely loves it.
Bob E.
Seems the richest country in the world could find a buck or two to keep this going.
Daniel C.
San Diego, CA
I visited this museum with my parents back in 2019, just before the pandemic. It was a lovely place to walk around. Seeing my dad’s eyes light up as he spoke about the different planes was amazing. Please keep this museum open!
Patrick H.
This museum represents an important part of history and should allowed to continue to operate.
Captain Drew J.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
I find it extremely difficult to believe that a move like this would even be ‘considered’! The “cost” of keeping this open cannot be THAT much, especially, in light of the extreme waste and corruption going on in Washington, lately!!! The folks making this ‘decision’ are totally out of touch with the “good will” and other benefits a facility like this creates with the general public!
Barbara  M.
La Mesa Ca.
My grandsons loves this museum as do I. A great place to learn about our Nation and to see the planes that kept us free. We talk about the battles they were involved in. We learn about the men and women involved in those battles. I enjoyed the planes and helo’s involved in Viet Nam. I also had never seen a Russian MIG. This is a great place for our kids to learn.
David H.
Del Mar5424
I have enjoyed showing the aircraft at the museum to my grand children and hope it will be continued to be available to the public.
Lillian V.
Chula Vista, CA
I urge you to help keep this beautiful piece of history open.  At least give them time to make alternate arrangements for other funding by continuing the current funding for a period of time for the transition.
San Diego
I strongly support the Flying Leatherneck Museum, I have visited several times, made donations and hope to continue to do so in the future.
carlos a.
guadalajara, mexico
This museum is great. I like to all my family to visit every vacation. Please dont close it.  We want to go more times.
James J.
Coronado, CA
Please save this treasure. Marine Corps History is the foundation upon which our Corps’ future depends.

Semper FI, Col James F. J, USMC (Ret)

patrick s.
tustin, ca
I have missed my trips to the museum with the Corona virus. Now I find out that it is being closed? I grew up a Marine Corp brat and this was one of (the Miramar airshow was the other) my last connections to those old days since they closed down MCAS El Toro and LTA in the OC where my dad was stationed.
Mary M.
Lincoln, NE
I really think this museum should remain opened!  It is a part of our History we need to remember.
Paul B.
Alexandria, VA 22311
I retired from the USMC in 2007 and was a former Commanding Officer of H&HS Miramar 2000-2002.  As a young Captain in 1987 I helped coordinate the acquisition  of the F3D-2 Skyknight from Raytheon to the Marine Museum…This has always been a true gem in the MCAS Miramar experience.  If the Museum can be self supporting, why not continue to maintain it for the historical significance it provides…it acts as an important link between the local community and the Miramar Marines.
John M.
Colma, CA. 94015
History must be preserved.  The USMC Air history is no exception.  It is a vital part of our history.
David P.
Southbury CT
The Dept of the Navy and USMC absolutely must keep this museum open. It is the only dedicated USMC aviation museum available to educate the public about the important role USMC aviation has and continues to be in our nations defense.

I was fortunate to have had the experience of volunteering for one year at the museum helping restore the museum’s SBD-1 aircraft (only one left in the world) back to static display. As a current aircraft maintainer in the Air Force, I did not have all the experience necessary to pass the Air Frame and Powerplant (A&P) license from the FAA. This museum gave me a chance as a volunteer to learn aspects of aircraft maintenance like sheet metal work under the guidance of other volunteers there with A&Ps. This experience was extremely valuable for me to eventually pass my A&P examination, I could not have done it without my time at this museum.

Our heritage must be saved, this museum must stay open.

Aaron A.
San Diego, CA
When I retired after 20 year of service in 2014, the Flying Leatherneck Museum was my First and only choice as a venue to hold my retirement ceremony.  The staff was great in assisting me to set up a date.

My friends and family, many from out of state, really enjoyed walking around the planes and learning more about the history of Marine Corps aviation.  It was a great day at a great place.

I hope there is a way to accomplish the goals of the United States Marine Corps while still being able to preserve all of the history that is the Flying Leatherneck Museum.

Semper Fi,

Aaron A.
GySgt, USMC (ret.)

William S.
Green Bay, Wi
Lived in San Diego for years. Retired Navy. Stationed as NAS Miramar. Been to the Museum. I don’t know if the Marines have any where else, a collection of aircraft and artifacts as large and comprehensive as this, that shows the history of Marine Air. I don’t know why Marine Leadership wants this museum closed.
Miles J.
San Diego, California
I have always loved coming to the Flying Leatherneck all the way from when I was 5 years old to now, when I am 17. It is a truly wonderful aviation museum with hard working and dedicated volunteers who have an abundance of knowledge about aircraft, and the location is something else. After all, how many aviation museums exist where you can be walking around looking at aircraft with F-18s flying overhead? All in all, I would be devastated to see this great establishment go.
Terrijo M.
This is a valuable museum for our community. Please keep it open.
This Museum is a important recognition of the heroics of our Marine Corps. Please find a way of keeping this Museum up and operating so that all can recognize our courageous Marines.
Kathy T.
La Mesa
Museums are necessary to keep history alive. Please DO NOT destroy this important museum that tells the story of so many veterans.
Preston C.
Lake Forest, CA
I worked on the MCAS El Toro base in the mid-90’s.  I remember the museum on base and was very saddened when it closed.  Since then I have been to the Flying Leathernecks museum multiple times, taking friends and family from out of town.  It is a very special resource and would be a shame to close.  I believe the museum serves the community in not only providing a glimpse into our nation’s proud Marine heritage, but also as an important recruitment tool for future generations to become inspired to join the corps.

Please keep it open!

Thomas F.
As a retired Navy Surgeon, I was the III MEF and MARFORPC surgeon. The Marines remain the most traditional service and to quibble over $400000 when the government has just wasted 1 trillion $
Wendy F.
Greenville North Carolina
The museum is a highlight of historical tribute to the Marine Corps and the mighty aviators.   Please save the museum
Tina T.
San Diego, ca
Please keep this museum open. It’s something important to San Diego and the community.
Lisa S.
San diego
Please save the museum, my kids love it there.  So much has been taken away from them this year, please don’t let this be another one .

Thank you,

Matt Y.
Fallbrook, CA. 92028
Seems a shame that the Station would not allow you use of the land and let the museum finance its own operations. Hopefully the other aviation museums in the area can help. It is a unique museum, with several aircraft I’ve only seen here.
Cheryl M.
Colorado Springs
What’s next to “get rid of” ….the Iwo Jima Memorial? What’s wrong with today’s Marine Corps? No respect for history. Keep the museum open–there are options. Sounds like the Miramar CO has a retirement job in mind which is why he’s willing to sacrifice the museum for his “resume”.
Nathan O.
Coming from an Army veteran supporting the Marines!  It’s important to have hands-on interactive museums; keeping this is one of those “easy wins”.  Thanks for the consideration.
Hugo  H.
Sacramento Ca
National treasures should never be destroyed.. in 50 years a bad decision will be regretted!! We owe it to the men and women who put their lives on the line and sacrificed the ultimate price to preserve these treasures
Courtney D.
San Diego

I have visited the Flying Leatherneck Museum with my family on several occasions.

It has always been a pleasant experience for everyone.

My son loves talking to veterans, and learning about aviation.

He has participated in art contests at the museum. It has been a big part of his childhood.

The museum provides a safe, fun place that’s accessible to the children of San Diego.

Please keep The Flying Leatherneck Museum open for future generations to learn more about military service.

Thank you,

Andrew N.
Yuma, AZ
As a 2000+ hour volunteer, it pains me to see the announcement of closure of the museum. This museum holds so many memories for so many families. It is vital to the continuation of education and preservation of Marine Corps history. It must be saved !
Craig T.
For5 Worth, Texas
At a time when our federal government is wasting trillions of dollars, $400,000 per year to preserve history is trivial.
Michael S.
San Diego, CA
This museum means a tremendous amount to all of us in Southern California!
Denise  M.
Save the Leatherback Museum!
Amber F.
Highlands Ranch, CO
Why are we sending billions of dollars overseas when we could be saving historical institutions like this one?
Sabrina H.
This is an important display of our history which must be preserved.  I would love to visit this museum next time I’m in San Diego.  I love all of the military history and pride shared in your city.  Please do not let it slip away.
Rick Z.
Poway, CA
Please re-think this decision to disconnect so many from the glorious past AND sacrifice by so many our Marine Corp.   Please keep the Museum Open

Thank you!

Linda C.
This museum represents a part of American History which should not be erased …. the opportunity for Americans (as well as travelers from other countries) should available and open for all to enjoy and learn about a part of our military history.
Bethany M.
San Diego, CA
Please keep this museum open.
Marissa S.
Laguna Niguel,ca
The Aviation Museum has inspired future generations of aviators and is a huge piece of Marine Corps history. Please make every effort to keep it open!
Please reconsider closing this museum.  We are losing so much of our history and this is an awesome museum.
San Clemente
This Museum represents an important aspect (the Aviation sector) of Marine Corps history.  From it’s initial establishment at MCAS El Toro to it’s now 21-year presence at MCAS Miramar, the Flying Leatherneck Museum has been a valuable and priceless public relations asset to the U.S. Marine Corps.  Who knows how many current, former, and future Marines may have joined and served with the Corps because of being inspired by a visit or experience at this Museum.  This Museum has been a long-time favorite site to visit by citizens all throughout southern California, visitors & tourists to the San Diego region, and young school-aged children who have had the opportunity to acquire valuable educational awareness about the role that Marine Aviation and its many historical heroes have played in defending and protecting the freedoms of this great country.  There must be some way found to save this Museum; it’s many volunteers have put their heart and soul into making it one of the finest visit locations in San Diego County.  While the USMC may no longer be able to subsidize it with financial aid, there are surely other alternatives for a different location and/or many local supporters who can help with financial contributions to keep this Museum afloat.  Could a relocation back to the Great Park in Orange County (former site of MCAS El Toro) even be a consideration?  We MUST save this important piece of Marine Corps history.
Jane Z.
Lemon Grove, CA
Please save the Museum for future generations!  Thank you.
Walter G.
San Diego
The worst thing that can happen to a fine museum.

I was a volunteer docent there for over 12 years and truly enjoyed the fellowship with other veterans and the visitors that came. A truly great experience.

In my opinion, this is  totally a political move by officers in the corps. The reasons given are pure BS. I have never heard such sorry excuses.

I hope somebody upline gets heads out of a$$es before it’s too late.


An “old AIR FORCE” vet.

George S.
Dover, AR
Please save the museum!  This history is important, and too much is being forgotten or “cancelled” these days.
Gail C.
This museum is a valuable part of Marine Corps Aviation history and deserves to keep its spot at Miramar so all of San Diego (and tourists) can enjoy it.
San Diego CA
For 35 years the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum has been telling the Marine Corps aviation history.  Visitors from all over the U S and foreign nations visit and enjoy the historic aircraft up close and listen to veteran docents relate their incredible history.  Children of all ages are excited to sit in the cockpit of selected aircraft and wonder what it would be like to leave the ground.  Middle and High School students in two local counties participate in an annual student art and student essay contest.  Classroom speakers are provided to schools choosing to make students aware of veteran contributions.  The museum has an impact far beyond the museum boundary fence and it would be a great loss if actually closed forever.
Keith S.
Fredericksburg, TX
As a retired Air Force fighter pilot, former and former Army aviator, and Ranger Battalion JTAC, I worked with my share of “Flying Leathernecks”. I can’t think of a bigger slap in the face to these great Americans than to shut down the Flying Leathernecks museum. Keep the museum open for future Marines and Americans to learn about the USMC contribution to airpower!
Douglas F.
San Diego
As a retired Navy CAPTAIN and son of a distinguished Naval aviator, both of whose service has been in support of the many brave Marine’s we have known closure of this museum is an anathema to service and history. The proud, brave, and free who have sacrificed lives and endured hardships to kin and kith should not remain hidden or as a mystery to the future Americans who follow and take upon themselves the oath to “defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Whatever the cost; whatever the burden, we should remember our heritage, honor those who went before, and provide example for those who follow the price of liberty is never cheap and never to be denigrated.
david v.
Semper FI.
Mike G.
This needs to be saved and preserved not just for Veterans but for the younger generation.  It is a great way to teach todays soft generation what it means to serve this country and make sacrifices for the greater good.
John K.
Tujunga, CA
My father was in flight training when WWII ended.  He continued as a flight instructor, flying the Corsair and the Panther.  Medical issues eventually grounded him before Korea, but he transferred to the Army and was on the ground at the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. They are an honor to my Dad and others like him. It would be terrible if they were not there to do so, especially for the generations who never met anyone who actually flew those older, “analog” planes.
Carol E.
San Diego, CA
The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is the ONLY museum dedicated solely to preserving Marine aviation history.

To ensure our freedom for generations to come, we must continue to tell the stories of those that fought so valiantly to protect it.

Once the legacy of aircraft and the stories connected to them are gone, so will disappear the value of freedom.  A slow but certain death for democracy.  For a free nation cannot survive once you’ve removed its memories and the core of its existence, the American Spirit.


Heidi R.
Mission Viejo, CA
History needs to be taught to the next generation, not erased.
Dimosthenis C.
Thrakomakedones Greece
I come from a country, which, despite having a relatively rich aviation history, routinely ignores the fact. Aviation enthusiasts over here like to look up to examples of leaders in aviation history and countries which have a healthy respect for their history, just like the U.S.A.. Please, do your best, live up to that standard, do not allow your proud heritage to be scattered in the wind. Thank you.
Andrew P.
Oceanside, CA
Save the museum!
Dorothy R.
Arlington, MA
Every time (twice/yr) I come out to San Diego (from Massachusetts) to visit my daughter, we go to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.  For me, it’s a sentimental visit, for my daughter, a learning experience. When I was a youngster, my father (who held a commercial pilots license) used to take me up for flights in the family plane (cloth skin Piper Cubs, Stinsons, and finally a metal skinned Navion). He (Dr. Philip Rulon, a professor at Harvard) was asked by the Secretary of the Navy (during WW II) to assist with the flight training of the new “fly-boys” who were in a six-week training course in preparation for flying over to Europe to fight in the war.  Many of the fly-boys didn’t know how to identify the advance-notice-signals of a stall. Rulon, being a pilot, knew that a stall would occur if the speed was too slow or the flight attitude was incorrect. He invented a very simple “STALL WARNING INDICATOR DEVICE” which would light up a bright pulsed light and a siren sound when the speed became too slow or the attitude was out of axis.  This type of stall warning is still used in new large commercial cockpits; the warning now is a “shuddering” control stick rather than the pulsing light and siren. Not just out of sentimentality, but for educational reasons, I ask that the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum NOT be closed. It would be a tragedy to shutter such a great educational museum as this.
Alex O.
San Diego, CA
Just moved here from WI and things like this are what make SD memorable and iconic. You don’t see this anywhere and I have driven hours to similar aviation parks. Brings tourist revenue to surrounding area and is beautification at its finest.
Joanne A.
San Diego, CA
The Museum has brought history to us and it is alive.  You have a fabulous display and it must be preserved for us and future generations or it will be lost.   A history of all those who flew them that gave us our freedom we have today and they must not be forgotten.
Julian L.
San Marcos, CA
I’ve been coming to this museum for as long as I can remember, and it has had a measurable impact on fostering my love for aviation and appreciation for the Marine Corps.  Knowing the impact it has had on me, I would hate for children of the future to not have the opportunity to be experience this fantastic museum and discover their own passions for aviation.
Sharon B.
Keeping patriotism and history alive is so important. Please do not close this free museum for us San Diego County residents!
Gregory W.
San Diego, CA
This is our history. The inspiration provided by the visual and visceral telling of these stories makes up for the small monetary cost exponentially.

Maj  W

7562 – CH-46E Pilot

Ryan M.
Carlsbad, CA
I would be willing to pay an entry fee.
Mike R.
Temecula, California
Please support, preserve, and share our Marine Corps history.
Tung N.
Huntington beach
Our visit today was very educational. Please reconsider the amount of history the next generation will be able to learn. This place is full of cool planes and the story behind them.
Denis Z.
San Diego
Please please please, keep this treasure alive, for us, our children and the future generations
Maya D.
San Diego, California
Great educational museum
Patrick  T.
San Diego, CA
Please save this piece of Marine Corp and Aviation History. Protect your heritage Marines.
Pete M.
san Diego, California
The Flying Leathernecks museum is hands-on, historical, and entertaining, and the museum is an asset to both the military and civilian communities. A quarter of a million active duty and veteran members of the military and their families live in San Diego County, and they would be sad to see the museum close. Many naval aviators, including myself, were based at Miramar during the Vietnam War and we enjoy visiting regularly. Every few years I lead tours of the museum for my club. Many have enjoyed the experience. The Blue Angels act as ambassadors and recruiters for the Navy and the Marine Corps, and the museum enthusiastically promotes recruitment for the Corps as well.

Pete Michael

San Diego

Jeff S.
Gilbert, AZ
God, Family, Country, Service – please reconsider this important part of who we are!
Alana A.
Poway, CA
This museum is an amazing part of aviation and military history. Please don’t close it.
Lynn G.
San Diego
The museum is a part of the history of the United States Marine Corps. It should be kept open!
Jerry  D.
Redondo Beach, CA
Please keep this important history destination alive.
Joseph  H.
Valley Center, CA
This would be a shame
Rich A.
San Diego
Stop the destruction of US military history and letting groups rewrite it as not worth keeping.
Dan S.
San Diego CA
As a Veteran I feel this definitely needs to stay open for our children.  We must never forget.
Bob D.
San Diego, CA
If there will be no cost to the MC why close it. Makes no sense to me. Volunteers can do a great job if you let them.
Linda S.
La Mesa, CA
San Diego is “The Air Capitol of the west. We have supported the Marine Corps and Navy in this town since at least 1911. The Flying Leathernecks Museum is every day teaching and learning about the history of the Corps and the aircraft that serve us on a daily basis. It also fosters interest in the young men and women we need to step up and join up and defend our nation. They aren’t learning it in school and need this more than ever. If there are problems with infrastructure around that facility deal with those issues and move on do not throw out the museum.  Make it work. That’s what you people do and have done. It’s no small matter to take what is there and disburse it among other facilities. There are so many priceless and fascinating things to see in a museum like this, hands on, docents who know of what they speak firsthand and excitement in learning. Focus on fixing things please don’t abandon a unique and special thing as this museum.
Chad U.
Rancho Santa margarita, ca
My son loved this place. It was so awesome to meet a pilot who had actually flown one of the planes on display. Not just the type of jet, but THE exact one.

Please don’t close this place down!

Francis W.
San Diego
Preserve a piece of history!
Gerald M.
Chula Vista, Ca.
San Diego has a tremendous amount of Marine Coeps veterans and we need to keep this great site up and running . This will not only please the veterans but gives a recruiting tool. Thank You.
Gian Carlo C.
 I lived at SD between 2005 and 2010 in La Jolla and working close by the museun… went there so many time after work and weekends. There I learned how important were the marines work for, not just for americans, but to the world. I´m brazilian but I feel like american after learn history with this braves gentlemen and I miss this place and this city as my hometown. That place help me change to see how important the Marines are. The museun offer us lots of good experence and good vibes… talk with the veterans and enjoy all the work they did and do for us. I really hope to see and get that feeling that you just can get at the Flying Leatherneks again. Thank you all from yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Dirk K.
Mountain Home, ID
As a Marine who retired from MCAS Miramar, I know the value and history of the Flying Leatherneck Museum. While not as heavily trafficked as the National Museum of the Marine Corps, it not only represents the vibrant history of Marine Aviation on the west coast, but stands as a small glimpse into the past that we can share with our host city of San Diego.
Mark S.
Millington, tn
This museum is vital in aviation history
Jeanne C.
San Diego, CA
This museum is my son’s favorite!  It is a landmark of San Diego and it would be a shame to close it down.  Please find a way to keep it open, even if it’s just the weekends.
Josh S.
Saint Louis, MO.
This was an outstanding setting for team building and training for the Marines in my charge. We cherish our history. Please stop removing our heritage from its present location.
Randall C.
Scottsdale, AZ
As a former Marine Officer and Aviator, I strongly disagree with the plan to close the museum, and its connection to our heritage, and visual history. What we fail to commemorate speaks volumes about true nature of the lip service often seen in politicians comments about the sacrifices of our brothers and Sisters gone before us.
Ervin A.
Copperas Cove, TX
A pertinent part of Marine Aviation history and should be preserved.  My retirement ceremony was held there in 2013, and countless others have had the honor of holding theirs there too.
Sammi M.
Ramona, CA
This would be very sad and wasteful to Destroy this amazing Museum!!