We have received hundreds of moving  testimonials and stories about why the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is important to you, San Diego, the Marine Corps and the nation. Thank you.

We will continue to update you on progress in our podcasts and blog posts.

Raymond H.
Chula Vista, CA
We, the citizens of San Diego County, especially need to keep this wonderful museum of USMC Aviation open. The great Ted Williams, a native of San Diego and Baseball Hall of Fame Member was a Flying Leatherneck, as was the San Diego Padres own Jerry Coleman. They, and many others, are heroes to San Diego and part of the Flying Leatherneck community. I personally have a number of former Marine Corps Aviator as friends and I was honored to work many long hours at the TACTS Air Combat Training System at the USMC Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina. The great history of Marine Corps Aviation must live on through this important museum.
Marshal P.
Aliso Viejo, CA
It would be a shame to see this museum closed. It is important to preserve our history.
Mike  F.
Santee, CA
Although, I was stationed at Miramar as a Sailor, I urge the Marine Corps to reconsider closing the Flying Leatherneck Museum.  It is such a pleasure to visit some of the aircraft I maintained during the 60s at the base where I spent most of my enlistment.  This museum & the  USS Midway are aviation assets to our community.  As an aside, I enlisted in the Navy after a tour on the Lexington as a teenager.   That set me up for a 38 year career with the airlines as a result of my Navy training.  Thats the real value of the museum.
Paul S.
Antioch, Ca

It is despicable  that US History of aviation in the world wars, will be wiped out, The marines were very valuable in WWII, fighting  Japan,,  as were the Naval forces,  it is HISTORY, you are acting as bad as the idiots who destroyed the history of the civil war, The US has history that young people need to learn about , to understand how we have grown up as a country,  A Proud Naval Aviation mechanic,


Lisa  G.
San Diego, CA
The Flying Leatherneck museum is a special piece of history and should remain here in San Diego. The volunteers are passionate about their service and the role the aircraft played in defending our country. It would be a travesty and a mark against history to dismantle and destroy these remnants of bygone eras. My husband is a US ARMY veteran and appreciates this salute to avionics. Both of our  young children have enjoyed leisurely walking through the pathways and marveling at the aircraft. Please keep this special piece of history at MIRAMAR.
Beverly P.
Bonita, CA
Please save this museum. Don’t destroy our history!!
Paul M.
San Marcos ca
Instead of spending taxpayer dollars on sex change operations for mentally ill marines Use our tax dollars to keep the flying leatherneck museum open
Elisa  H.
San Diego, CA
Museums like this inspire young people to seek careers in the military, to honor those who have served, and to learn more about the history of our county. To close would be tragic.
Anton  B.
Wannweil, Baden Württemberg, Germany
Museums are really important to me, history doesn’t tell itself, so museums are the best way to get people informed based on exhibits! And this interest also stays over time. When I’ll get over the pond and visit the US, museums are a big draw for me and it would be a shame to close a museum like this one. I and many others could never visit it!
Audrey T.
Brunswick, Georgie
We loved going here when we lived in San Diego it brought enrichment to the lives of my children and myself. We need more places like this.
Angela G.
Coronado. CA
This museum is such a treasure. My children love it and the volunteers.
Bradley W.
San Diego, CA
I really do hope you’ll reconsider closing this. It’s been there since I was a kid and now my two young daughters are getting into planes and would be great to be able to expose them to military aircraft in their home town.
Clinton N.
I am a Marine helicopter veteran.  Save the museum
Priscilla G.
My two young boys enjoy visiting this museum and seeing the aircraft in person. The retired pilots/volunteers are knowledgeable and fantastic hosts. Please don’t close it.
Danielle  D.
Isigny-sur-mer Normandy France

Please do-not close down this wonderful museum that I have visited a few years ago. Great to see the helicopter that rescued the embassy staff in Vietnam and many other interesting things.

I hope to visit again when possible to travel again and Chuck Meadows very passionate and knowledgeable about the place !

A thankful “war baby” born July 44 for ever grateful to American Air Forces and others 💋💕

Michael  G.
San Marcos, CA
I love taking my son here.
Michael D.
La Mesa, CA
Our history is important to us. Please do not close this museum!
Michelle A.
San Diego, CA
The museum is such a huge part of my marine aviator family and to the community.  Closing it is a travesty for the USMC community in California.
Amy-Noelle G.
Edinburg, TX
Please keep the aviation museum open. It’s important for our children to know the history of our great aviation service people.
Dallis M.
Lambrook, Arkansas
This is a travesty and with all the waste that goes on everyday in government it unconscionable decision. This closing needs to be addressed at the highest level in Washinton and the bean counter that iniated it fired on the spot.
Lourie H.
El Cajon, ca
Please save the museum!
Roger B.
Ocala, FL
NO NOT let this invaluable institute of important American history to be closed down over leasing the land it sits on!! REAL Americans need every place possible that teaches about the sacrifices made by its citizenry to be reminded WE THE PEOPLE stand on the shoulders of giants that make OUR free life possible!
Dallis M.
Lambrook, Arkansas
This is a travesty and with all the waste that goes on everyday in government an unconscionable decision. This closing needs to be addressed at the highest level in Washington and the bean counter that initiated it fired on the spot.
April C.
Alpine, CA
Please keep the Flying Leathernecks museum open.  It’s a perfect place for people of all ages to get a taste of the machines and heroes that served our country in the safety of the outdoors (even if covid restrictions are always with us) thank you for your time!
Emily B.
San Diego, CA
Please don’t close this museum! It’s so great for kids!! Educational and fun! We love it!!
Bogdan M.
Chula Vista
My grandpa was a veteran, my father contracts with the military, and I am in the US Naval War College to sum up my family’s direct relation tonour military. It will be a shame and frankly disgrace if Congress and the military will not adjust budget constraints to allow for this unique and historic museum to remain open. San Diego is an influential milotary town and deserves to keep landmarks as such qs an honor to military legacy, a healing and memory space for veterans and their families, and a legacy and honor to those who fought for our freedoms and democratic way of life. I am happy to assist with any other efforts to petition for this museum to remain open.
Troy V.
Elma, New York
I am a Marine Corps Aviation Veteran and I know that there is a Deep and Long Factual History in Marine Aviation that can educate the young people of its Greatness. To lose such a valuable piece of History would be Tragic none the less.
Joel V.
San Diego, CA
The flying leatherneck museum is a true treasure in our nation’s military history. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and the aircraft offer a great chance foe my children to learn about the history of marine aviation. The USMC would truly lose a part of their heritage if this museum is closed.
Martin K.
Please preserve this valuable asset to for our community and other visitors!
Erica  H.

This museum is a treasure for families to

Explore , especially our little military children who love learning the history and exploring  with their military parents. Let’s keep it operating!

Julann D.
Encinitas, CA
One of our favorite destinations with our boys!!!
Crystal W.
Encinitas, CA
Please help us save this amazing place for future children to visit 💗
Patrick  N.
Lake Stevens, WA
Please don’t close this most important bastion of Marine Aviation History! Semper Fly, Capt (LDO) Patrick N,\ USMC(RET)
Stephanie F.
Chandler, AZ
We love the Museum and hope our kids can bring their children some day. Please keep it open.
Amber S.
My kids have been inspired by this museum.  Please do not close this amazing place.
Rebecca W.
Bakersfield, Ca
Toured this with my husband. He wasn’t officially apart of the CH-46 restoration team but he helped repaint it. He was stationed at MCAS Miramar for the 10yrs he was in the Corp, VMM 165. He worked on the CH-46 before they switched to the Ospreys. Seeing this museum close is awful. It needs to stay open for the younger generation 💙🖤❤️
Kyle R.
San Diego, CA
The museum boasts such a rich history of aviation artifacts.  It would be a shame to see it close.
Michael N.
San Diego ca
I enjoy the museum and bring my family to it when ever they are in town
William M.
San Diego

I’m a 70 year old retired Naval Aviator living in San Diego.  I did 20 years active duty and 20 years providing engineering support to various Navy/Marine Corp development programs at both NAVAIR and SPAWAR (now NAVWAR).  I have a 13 year old grandson who I’ve taken to the MCAS Miramar Flying Leathernecks aviation museum at least 4 times (every couple of years) as he has been growing up.

I cannot describe the joy and wonder he has experienced as I told him sea stories and we walked/touched and sometimes climbed into the cockpits of some of the displays.  He’s strong on math and is hoping to become a Marine Corp Aviator someday (why Marine and not a Naval aviator is beyond me!).  I believe it would be a true “tragedy” for San Diego and the Navy/Marine Corps to lose the Flying Leatherneck museum.  It’s a great Marine Corps Aviation focused augment to the Navy focused USS Midway museum.  I am sure the funding saved by closing the museum can’t be more than a molecule in the DoD budget, while the history lost to our local area residents/visitors and MCAS Miramar will be huge!

Please reconsider and not close the museum.  Let’s keep our Aviation history alive!

Thomas D.
Vista, CA
Please don’t close this museum. My grandchildren love anything military and being able to touch and sometimes get in these aircraft makes them giddy. They literally run to the planes when we get inside.
Scott M.
San Diego, CA
Hope the museum can be preserved so younger generations can understand the aircraft our ancestors used in their military service.
Patrick  C.
San Marcos, CA
Keep it open please!!!
Jody H.
Valley Center, California
The Coyotes of HMLA 775 would like to be remembered, as they currently are, through their display at the Flying Leatherneck Museum.
Patricia K.
Escondido, CA
My husband  was a Marine aviator and gave his life for his country.
Marie P.
Chula Vista, Ca
Save the Leatherneck Museum
Vania W.
San Diego, CA
Please don’t close something meant to educate the public and our future generations.
Justin  S.
South Pasadena, CA
Please save the museum, our history is under attack!
Gordie W.
La Jolla, CA
This is the perfect city and the perfect place for a flight museum dedicated to the great heritage of aviation in the Marine Corps. Without this museum where will anyone go to celebrate the “Flying Leathernecks.” I can’t even imagine this museum not being here. There has to be a solution. Please allow this community the opportunity to save this place even if the current command doesn’t want to.
Eric D.
San Diego, CA
The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is an important cultural asset worthy of continued government support, especially in a community such as San Diego. The high concentration of retired military personnel not only serve as volunteers, they provide an element of “living history.”
Ivan O.
San diego
Save museum
Melissa P.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I love this place

It’s a place full of history.

Brian W.
Murrieta CA
History is too important to ignore.
Christopher K.
Strasburg, Colorado
Stop the cancel culture mentality! This is a way for us as United States citizens to learn about our past. I have been to aviation museums in Japan and they were doing the same thing. Not allowing visitors or local nationals to learn about the past. The United States is known for preserving the past regardless where it comes from and this can not happen. Please reconsider closing this museum.
Carol  S.
La Mesa CA
Save the Flying Leatherneck Museum.
Mary B.
Long Beach, CA
Stop closing museums. This is the best way for people to see and learn about history. It is a very valuable asset and should be open for all to enjoy.
Anita D.
San Diego
We just visited for the first time today and it was the most incredible experience for all of us! We celebrated my son’s 4th birthday and this gave him the best birthday, after one of the hardest years we have all experienced. I am begging you to keep this open so others can experience this as well. I would love to return with my family and friends. As a local and native San Diegan, I can’t believe I had never gone prior to now. I am an elementary school teacher as well and students need to be able to see this. There is such an opportunity for learning and understanding history at a museum as unique as this one. I am curious as to what is leading to this decision? I am a problem solver at heart and if there is anything I can personally do to help it stay open to the public, I would be happy to do so. Please, please, don’t do this disservice to future generations. Thank you for your consideration!
Jennifer S.
San Diego, CA
This museum has been a staple for me and my boys since 2001.  We’ve spent countless hours listening to stories, learning the history and enjoying the planes and helicopters.  It would be a shame for San Diego to lose a piece of history.
Fred M.
San Marcos, CA
Please reconsider closing this museum. It contains a vital link to our history here in San Diego. It would be a tragedy to lose it. Now that things are opening up again, it presents a great opportunity to continue this mission
Alexander  S.
San diego,  CA
I love this museum and want my kids to experience it too! Please save it.
Gary  S.
San Diego,  CA
Save the museums!!!
Natasha  S.
Vancouver wa
Please save the museum
Marcos R.
Rancho Cucamonga
A musuem like this needs to be preserved for the ages. Please keep open.
Richard T.
Arlington, Ma
Semper Fi!
Donovan S.
Yorba Linda
Thank you for your service
Bruce B.
Long Beach, CA
This museum must stay open. Closing it does a disservice to the entire community. Just horrid news that this could even happen.
Claude S.
Spring valley, CA
Please don’t close this wonderful museum and piece of history!
William M.
San Diego, ca
Please keep this museum open. It has been a great place for San Diego and my family. Yea we have the air and space museum and midway but this site collection and ability to roam is great for families.
Kenneth F.
La Verne, CA
Once the museum is closed, it’ll be closed forever. This museum is important for the next generation of flyers and the history of naval aviation. Please keep it open.
Danyelle V.
Monrovia, CA
Too many businesses have closed permanently since the pandemic began.  I hope this museum can stay open.
Danyelle V.
Monrovia, CA
Too many businesses have closed since this pandemic began.  I hope the museum stays open.
Rebecca S.
San Diego
Please do not close this historic museum. Now that museums are open, the Flying Leatherneck Museum should be saved, as it allows retired Marines to share their wealth of knowledge and gives them a sense of dignity and pride. San Diego needs this museum now more than ever, as it’s a place for the whole family to go and enjoy the rich history of the USMC.
Anna B.
San Diego CA
This is such a great place for homeschooling families!   We love the museum!  Keep it open!!
Dennis L.
Beech Bluff, TN
Marine Aviation is my family. I am proud to have been your Doc. This isn’t sitting well. If I had the cash, I would take care of the bills.
Sean H.
Apple Valley, CS
As a Marine Aviator, I emploring you to maintain our history.
Isidoro B.
Los Angeles, CA
Please don’t close this wonderful museum.  I want to be able to bring my kids and visit juat like when I was young.
Stephen M.
Don’t take away our history. Tell Congress to fix this issue !
Jeffrey  L.
Midlothian, VA
Please preserve the legacy this museum.
Craig D.
Mountain View
I have had my hands on many of those aircraft at one time or another. As my father before me, I tell my children and my grand children stories of what it was like to do maintenance as well as fly in in them. Without the museums many displays, all they will be left with is pictures. To be able to see and possibly place their hands upon these machines, their visions and dreams of one day being an aviator or mechanic are greatly diminished. Having been at and participated many airshows over the years, it is the static displays like the many on the museums grounds that awakens the hearts and minds of our future. Semper Fi.
Michael  S.
Alexandria, MN
Please do what is necessary to keep this aviation museum open for all the men and women who served this great country.
Joseph S.
Box Elder, SD

I was in HMM 161 and HMM 165 as a crew chief and would like this history preserved. I have been to this museum during a reunion of HMM 165 and also a part of Operation Frequent Wind.  It was great to see Jerry Berry’s YW 09.  Brought back so many memories of that time in history.

I would love to see the Flying Leatherneck Museum stay where it’s at. If that is a problem, the location being on base at Miramar, I have two suggestions.

An alternate location could be the LTA hanger in Santa Ana, Ca.  Make that hanger a part of history too !  MCAS Santa Ana

Another alternate location that is already a air museum is Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon. Again a LTA hanger like  the one in Santa Ana.

Please preserve these parts of Marine Flying History.

Richard M.
I am a Marine aviation vet that would hate to see this go. Semper Fi.
Eric S.
San Diego CA
Don’t close this museum we hold near and dear to our heart.
Scott M.
Venice, Florida
The importance of retaining this museum is critical to understanding the past clearly so we can move forward with an open mind cherishing the sacrifices of so many who’s came before us.
Michael  C.
Ft. Wayne IN
If any of you are Marines (there is no such animal as an X Marine) you would realize the importance of and the history shown at this museum.
David  T.
San Marcos, California
This museum brings youth and great memories to all of us who have served. This is a military town with many veterans that frequent the museum with family, it causes us to open up and talk about good and bad events during our active duty days. Being able to talk about those days gives us closure. Young kids who see these great machines makes them want to join in the future.
Willis J.
Moreno Valley, ca
I am a retired Marine, all of the other museum does represent the Marine Corps. Please don’t let it die.  It shows the Marine air history.
Kathy N.
Escondido, CA
Please do not close this museum. Many kids will miss out on this great historical museum.
Maria H.
Spring valley
We need to preserve the museum to continue to honor the Marine Corps Aviation history
Ramon B.
San Diego, CA
Given the size of USMCAS MiraMar, there is no better use of this land than to honor the aircraft, USMC aviators and history of aviation.  Further, please accept any proposals to absolve the USMC of the sustaining costs for this wonderful aircraft museum.
Susan B.
La Mesa
Pls save our history!
Jim T.
Spring Valley, CA
Please keep the Museum open!
Alissa M.
Escondido, CA
We love the museum and being able to see the amazing aircraft. It helps my boys to see the contributions of our military to our freedom in a tangible way.
James B.
La Mesa
Pls save our historical aviation museums
Paul V.
San Diego
The museum is a local landmark and pays homage to those Marines who served and made the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation. It is also a recruiting tool, inspiring young Americans to join the ranks of the few, the proud. Semper Do.
Kerry M.
La Mesa, CA
This is a wonderful museum! We have had so many things taken away from us this past year, please don’t take this too. Keep the museum open. Thank you.
Gary L.
San Diego
This museum is an important addition to the San Diego military community and should not be closed. The Marine Corps is a central part of San Diego history and should be recognized for its many aviation contributions.
Having been part of the history of Marine Aviation, I strongly believe that history is important to be preserved.
Juanita N.
San Diego, CA

We appeal to you not to close the museum. My 2nd grandson enjoyed his tour of the Museum. I am hoping that our 2 year old grandson would have the same opportunity.

Thank you!

Jordan R.
Oceanside, CA

As a Motor T marine my kids don’t get to experience the aviation side of the Marine Corps. Having access to this museum not only gave us something to do on the weekends, but helped me get my kids out during this pandemic. I live on Camp Pendleton and previously stationed on Miramar and I did not take advantage of this museum being opened by I was stationed there! Now that I live on Camp Pendleton we drive at least one if not twice a month down to miramar to experience the open cock pit weekends so my kids can sit in the airplanes. If this museum was to shut down it would take that experience away from kids.

Please do not close the museum

rafael a.
This country needs this museum for our children
Tiffany R.
San Diego, CA
My son, London, is very passionate about preserving military aviation history. We have been taking him and his brother to visit the Leatherneck Museum since we moved back to San Diego 6 years ago. One of their favorite parts of each visit is a stop in at the gift shop. They have added quite a fleet to their collection of military model and toy planes. London has a plan in to place to reach out to people who may be able to help. He will be in contact shortly. We hope there is still time to save the museum.
Michael R.
San Diego

I have contacted the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Secretary of the Navy, the Mayor of San Diego and my Congressman asking them to please keep this museum open.  I hope and pray that the wisdom of these people will do what they can to keep this museum open for future generation to learn and experience.  The history that is here can not be lost because of money.

I thank all the volunteers who help to maintain and keep this museum open and teach school children of the heritage of these planes.

Thank you so much.

Robert B.
San Diego, CA
My father flew in B-24’s in WW2 & Korea as a navigator. Our family always enjoyed visiting military museums with him. The Marine Corps needs to treat this museum with the respect it deserves and honor those that served by keeping it open. They should look at the museum as a recruitment tool that inspires our youth to serve our country.
Patricia O.
San Diego
We moved to San Diego a little over a year ago and recently visited the museum for the first time. What a hidden gem this is! So interesting and informative, preserving such important pieces of history. We were amazed that it was free (although we made a donation). A small admission fee could easily be required. We hope this wonderful museum can be retained in our area!
Ricardo C.
San Diego, California
Hidden gem of San Diego!!!!!
Joe S.
San Diego, California
I served on this base and I’ve visited this museum many times.  This is an icon to the air base and houses a lot of history.  I take my kids there to learn our military aviation history.  Losing this takes away what we have all worked and bled for.  Marines before us died in support of those aircraft and we need to honor that.
Michael S.
San Diego, CA


Please do not allow another part of history be removed as is happening across the country.  I know it’s for completely different reasons than the insanity elsewhere, but the end result is the same.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you need any motivation to keep the museum, just have a look at that beautiful Corsair and all the other awesome aircraft in the exhibit.  I know they do more for me than any F-35, no matter what their capabilities are.

Thanks again.


M. F. S.

GMC (SW) USN (Retired)

Nicholas D.
San Diego, CA
What a waste of an incredible experience for young generations, and a waste of all the experience provided by your older worker/volunteer generation. Such a shame.
Sandra C.
San diego
This museum is run by volunteers. It’s part of military history here in San Diego. It’s awesome to tour these planes that fought for our freedom in past wars.  It doesn’t cost that much to maintain and the museum store brings in money.  Why take this from us when the current administration is wildly spending and wasting taxpayer money. So they will cut things like this to persecute us and the military. Btw there is no way they can make up for money spent on unwanted and stupid programs.
Please keep it open!!!
Jason S.
San Diego CA
Our family loves this museum. Our son want to join the military because of this museum.
Vivian G.
Solana beach, ca
Please keep this amazing museum open, this is a San Diego treasure
Linda D.
San Marcos
Please help to save the Flying Leatherneck Museum. I am a retired college professor who works with local members of the WW II Generation. I have preserved the stories of more than one Marine, some of whom were in Marine Corps Aviation during the war. As you may know, only about 1% of the 16 million who wore the uniform in WW II served in Marine Corps Aviation. They were a rare group whose history should be preserved and on public view. Right now, I am working on the story of PFC Paul McCleaf, a radio-gunner who was executed by the enemy. His story is only one of so many that we need to pass down to younger generations. The Flying Leatherneck Museum helps to do that with it collection.
Christina A.
Chino hills, ca
It is a shame to let history go, future generations like my 2 year old will not be able to bring her children here to enjoy history as we have with her. Peoples stories along with these aircraft’s stories will be gone. We lost El toro, please don’t let us loose it’s history too.
Richard G.
San Diego
San Diego has a long history back to the inception of powered flight.  This museum is a vital part of the history of the US Military as well as aviation in Southern California.  It is a well spent portion of the funding for history of military aviation and the USMC in general.
Karen C.
La Jolla, CA
This is a huge part of our local history and our armed services in general.  Please preserve it!
Stephanie H.
San Diego, ca
Please don’t close our children love this place
Fatn F.
This is a place to go with families. Lots of aircraft!
Brian B.
Lake Forest ca
Should not be I believe that it should stay open and they shouldn’t be shutting down and if they can transferred over to El Toro Marine base that would be awesome
Mike S.
Santee ca 92071
I think it’s a shame that their doing away with the museum
Michael  M.
San Marcus calif

I am Air Force military

I want to save anything that can enhance the

Learning of valuable landmarks of america

Jerrym L.
Imperial Beach
A very important resource for the military and the community.
Stephen  Z.
Haltom City, TX
Please keep this museum open to continue honoring the men and women who have served for so many years in Marine Corps aviation!
Kevan B.
Escondido, CA
My grandchildren love the museum because the see the planes up close and get in the cockpits.
Scott C.
Poway, CA
Today was my 3rd time visiting and I truly hope the museum will remain open!
Victoria F.
Clackamas, OR
This piece of history is very special and should be preserved. I am disappointed I may not have the chance to bring my children here.
Dale  B.
Land O Lakes, FL
Please reconsider permanently closing the museum.  It is a huge part of our Air Wing history.  Thank you and SEMPER Fi.
Gregory F.
Portland oregon
Any time I visit San Diego I try and go to as many different museums including the flying leather neck museum. It saddens me that you think that people don’t want to see our history. I hope you reconsider closing this museum.
Robert G.
Oceanside, CA
In this day and age where our country’s history is becoming more and more ignored (or in some cases “cancelled”), voluntarily closing a museum like this seems close to criminal. We neex to find ways to keep museums like this open, not find reasons to close them.
Kim D.
San Diego, ca
My kids love this place.
Tuba A.
Please please keep this awesome place open!
Louise R.
San Diego CA
An open-air free museum with fascinating  historical aircraft is an extraordinarily valuable asset to the community, especially now.  My grandson spent many happy times there growing up. He was educated and inspired there to consider aviation and the military as careers.
Eelia H.
San Diego, Ca

To Whom It May Concern, history is an important part of our future. The Flying Leatherneck Museum is an ambassador to everyone. It helps to show our great military in the light of historic achievement. It shows what ingenuity, leadership and the will of determination can achieve. This is good for those who served, are serving and to encourage those who may some day serve. It is a beacon for a few, special few who can see in this wonderful museum that they want a future dedicated to our country. Keep this museum open. Do not be blinded to it’s benefits, which are superior to any other. The women and men who helped to create the armed services deserve to have this part of their history told. Without them where would we, and especially those currently serving be? They are your foundation and as such deserve the niche they have on your base. To remove it is to be disrespectful and dishonor their memory.

If you cannot agree to leave the museum on base give it to Balboa park, do not destroy or demote this important museum.

Kind Regards,

Eelia H

Paul S.
San Diego, CA
Just like the Marines Corp, This museum is part of San Diego history.  Please don’t close it.
Kenneth T.
Oceanside, California
fight like hell to keep it open
Louis B.
La Jolla, CA
Happy to donate to help save this important museum
Col Wayne M.
Jacksonville, NC 28540

This is such a ridiculous move on the part of HQMC!  With all the millions of dollars being wasted on some of the more recent folly, the amount of funds required to keep this important effort viable is truly “a drop in the bucket”…!  Continue the attack!

Semper Fidelis,

Wayne M

Col USMC (Ret)

James M.
Granger TX
Preserve the heritage of Marine Air!
Richard D.
Orlando Fl
Do not close this museum
Regina R.
Valley Center, CA
The museum is a gem, please keep it open, this is an inappropriate savings measure.  I want to share the proud history of Marine Aviation with my Grandkids.
Thomas M.
Aspers, PA
Please don’t close this Museum down!!  “Figure It Out”!
thomas f.
Will the MCRD museums be next? Destroying our history is step 1 in destroying our Republic.
Michael S.
Keep this one of a kind Marine aviation museum open at MCAS Miramar!
Pete  C.
Escondido Ca
Educational on how our Military/Heroes skills used while fighting for our Freedom let’s support our museum and shut it down
Michael G.
Escondido, California

I’m a Marine and Vietnam veteran. It’s my opinion that the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum should not be closed. It’s an important part of USMC history and heritage. It would be a real shame to allow this Museum and it’s portrayal of this element of Marine Corp history be destroyed. I hope that this decision will be carefully re-considered and rescinded.

Mike G, USMC

s V.
San Diego, CA
Please keep this museum open for our homeschoolers and community to learn from the amazing volunteers and workers. Having access to see these planes up close is so important. Please don’t close the museum.
Kevin M.
Fort Collins, CO
I hope that they are able to keep this museum open. These museums are an important educational tool to help teach and preserve history to future generations. It is my hope they can find a way to keep this place up and running.
Robert B.
Tacoma, WA
Please save the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. It is so very important to be able to visit museums of all types to remain connected to our past and the people and equipment that made lasting contributions.
Tiffany L.
Lakeside, ca
Keep it open ✈️
James S.
It would be a shame to close this museum. I have visited it several times with my grand children,
George S.
What will future generations know about the United States of America?
Dudley G.


As a veteran, I ask that this museum be saved for all who wish to visit. Museums of history are to be cherished and use for education and events.

Please find a way to save this museum either in the Corps and Navy budget or partner with other outside groups that may be interested in utilizing

this structure for shared purposes.


Dudley G

Joseph A. A.
Jacksonville, NC
The money is available from other sources.  Please allow them the time to make this work.
Robert K.
Fort Worth
Last time that I was in San Diego, I made sure that the visit to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum was on my agenda.  As an aviator myself, this was a very important stop during my visit.  There is so much history here that it really does need to be kept together, maintained and cherished.  Once we start to dismantle our museums, then we slowly start the decay of our history.  Please reconsider the closing of this very important museum.
Steve  Z.
Escondido, CA
San Diego County should not allow this history to be destroyed or moved away. It is in memory of the “Geatest Generation”.
Paul C.
Modesto  California
The museum is an inspiration to the community and the country.
Willis W.
I was an aviation hydraulic mechanic during the Viet Nam period.  I also flew as a gunner on CH-46A Seaknights.  I have also studied Marine aviation.  I served under Gen. Marion Carl (Viet Nam and Cherry Point) and studied Col. Glenn’s career.  This needs to be preserved and taught,  Sergeant W. W. Whitlock (Purple Heart, Air Medal, Combat Aircrew Wings)
Anthony  S.
San Diego
We cannot let our past slide into oblivion or have someone else speak for us.  Outsiders will always screw it up.
Bill S.
Irvine, California
I am a Marine Veteran, and feel we need this Museum to educate individuals  the history of the Marine Corps and the wars the fought in.
Brian S.
Havelock, NC
I can’t believe this is actually being considered – especially during a time when our government is giving away so much money! I have visited this museum many times and never tire of reading the stories behind each exhibit. As a retired Marine “Air Winger”, this museum holds great value to me and many others I’m sure. Please keep it open – and add to it!
Christine W.
San Diego, CA
This museum deserves to be saved. When I took my Dad, a Korean War Naval aviator, to visit it his experience talking with the guides brought joy to his heart. My ability to share that with him and to hear of his own experiences, something he never talks about, was precious.
Diane M.
Soulsbyville, CA
My dad was stationed at Miramar out of boot camp (MCRD San Diego) in 1941 before being transferred to Pensacola to become an NAP.  Give me a chance to take my great-grandkids to this museum.  Thank you.
Joshua M.
Soulsbbyville, CA
Please keep it open for the sake of my grandfather’s great grandchildren.
Mike H.
the oldest American Military Branch needs a museum, funding should not be a problem for a country that spends trillions on other things not nearly as important
Jim B.
Vernal, Utah
I was in the USMC. Went to boot camp in San Diego in 1986. San Diego and the state of California has a great history with the Marine Corps. This museum needs to be preserved. We have already turned our backs on a lot of American History. It all needs to stop. Let’s keep out American History (especially our military history) alive. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 SEMPER FI

Don M.

Yuma, AZ

One of the best collections of Marine Corps aircraft. Most of these aircraft I have either flown in or worked on. A F-8 Crusader I was a plane Captain on Danang RVN with VMF(AW) 312. When I come here it takes me back to a time where work and dedication was what we lived on, apparently our present Marines don’t share that dedication on preserving our history. I will make one final trip before it closes to express my appreciation to all the folks there and thank them for the memories and hard work they put into the museum, words can’t explain the disappointment of hearing about the closing. DON M GYSGT USMC RET Vietnam Vet.
Linda E.
My Husband  Big Ed served in Vietnam as a Crew Chief and Gunner with Hmm-361  1966-67.  Our first reunion that we went to was in San Diego and I was so proud to see all of the young Marines at Miramar  line up and shake hands with our some what older Marines . We were able to see the museum and  planes. I know it seems as though no one cares about our history but that simply is not true . Our Son and Grandchildren have been to several reunions and love to see anything to do with the Marine Corp and the history of our country. Please keep The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum open for future generations!      Sincerely Linda Edwards
ronald  g.
chula vista, calif

The Marine Aviation Museum has been an underappreciated asset to our city that has always had the potential, with just a small amount of development, to have garnered large attendance and be a major tourist visit site.  To hear that its going to now be closed saddens me greatly.  We are losing both an asset of aviation history and a tribute to our valiant Marines.

Please reconsider this decision

William M.  E.
Save Our Marine Corps History!  Have pride in Our Country!                 William ( Big Ed)
Glenford G.
Riverside, CA
Please save this museum!
steve c.
hacienda hts ca
Please save our history !!
Paul C.
Anaheim, CA.
Maintaining our connection to our past is more important than ever. This museum is especially significant to our perspective on the freedoms that were earned by the sacrifices of those that came before us and those that are working hard for us every day.
Carrie M.
Burley, ID
My grandfather was a leatherneck. John Harold DuBois retired Lt. Col. after 33 years in the core. My nephew is currently serving as a Marine in his grandfather’s footsteps. My grandfather’s leather helmet is displayed in their home along with photos. Please keep this museum open. Oorah!
Stance N.
Long Beach
Save the Museum if at all possible. If not possible do not destroy the artifacts or the displays. I am sure there is another Museum out there that can utilize the aircraft.
Melissa V.
San Diego, CA
I was looking forward to taking my 2 young boys there! They love airplanes (especially the 2 year old!!!)
Graham B.
san diego
This is one of the only true historical military chronologies in San Diego and it seems harsh to close it down given it is run by volunteers. $400k – a cost I have heard mentioned as a yearly spend – is less than the cost of a single missile. Surely the mighty US military can absorb that.
Werner H.
Corona, CA
The USMC has a history. The only place dedicated to the aviation component must remain open to keep that history alive.
Andrew J.
Glendale, AZ
I was stationed at Miramar for 4 years and cannot imagine closing this Museum could possibly bring about enough positive to outweigh the negative.
Patrick K.
Yuma, AZ
The Marine Corps pride’s itself on its heritage. Preserving this museum helps further that goal.
Anita K.
San Diego, CA
We love this museum and have gone at least a dozen times. It’s one of the biggest reasons my sons love aviation and aircraft. Their uncle flew F18s and without this museum to continue to inspire our children, this country will lose future aviators. Please keep it open!!
Justin K.
San Diego, CA
My family and I love visiting the flying leatherneck museum. I have two young boys and we will sometimes go there on the weekends to give the boys an excursion and see all the old aircraft. This is a great little museum, especially for kids. It would be a shame to see it closed down.
Timothy  B.
Mather. California

I am a Marine Corps veteran and it truly saddens me that the Marine Corps is not doing more to preserve our heritage and history.

Timothy B

Corporal USMC


Damon  D.
Emory, TX
Keep the museum open
John M.
 I grew up in the LA area and I remember my father taking  myself and my brothers to the aviation museum in Chino which reminds me of the Flying Leatherneck Museum at Miramar. That place was such a great place to inspire the imaginations of children even more than the polished type of aviation museum that exists in Balboa Park.
Tom M.
Gainesville, FL
I worked at the museum for 2 years and it was a great place to learn and was an important part of the community. The staff are all volunteers and have a passion for the history they help preserve. To close the museum would be a tremendous loss for the Marine Corps and their history.
Catherine M.
San Diego
We love having this museum here in San Diego!
glenn h.
carlsbad, CA
……………..you need to preserve history………………PLEASE
Nancy B.
Santee, Ca.

It is so important to preserve this historical museum to share with the public, but more importantly, to share with our young people. They need to understand, by seeing firsthand, the importance of our military.

We have to keep the history alive, and what better way than a hands-on experience for all people.

It is my understanding that the museum has found a way to keep the museum open without expense to the USMC whatsoever.

Please reconsider keeping this museum open and available for all the see.

Thank you

Tracy G.
San Marcos
Sad that we are even discussing this. A part of history that is so important to share with our families who served
Bruce A.
Castle Rock, Colorado
Save this great museum!
Ed H.
San Diego,ca
This museum is important to me and my kids. I bring them here for them to learn about the marine corps and aviation. They learn and see marine aviation history which can inspire them to be future marine aviators. There are no other outdoor museums that I can take my kids like this one.
Diane M.
Soulsbyville, CA
In memory of Lt. Col. John H. DuBois (USMC 1941-1970) who was stationed at Miramar out of boot camp in 1941 before being transferred to Pensacola for NAP training, and out of respect for his great-great-grandchildren, please reconsider the decision to close the museum, move the closure deadline, and negotiate with the many entities that have offered to assume its ownership/administration.  Thank you.
James B.
Carlsbad, CA
There must be a way to keep this museum open, please find it.
Karl C.
Carlsbad, CA
As a flying leatherneck and father of 3 kids, I think we should keep the museum open for generations of kids that one day may want to join the Marines.
Michael  M.
San Diego, CA
As a Marine veteran who served in MWCS-38 running PT past the Museum early in the morning and now having a son who loves to look at the aircraft on the few days it was open a week. It deeply saddens me to see that my beloved Marine Corp is tearing down history that it teaches and emphasizes in places like boot camp. What about other bases hmm. Which will be next. It’s not alot the Museum should be left alone. It’s Marine history and the Corp is big on that. Or at least it used to be.
Bill S.
Redding, CA
The Flying Leatherneck Museum is an outstanding recruiting tool! How many future Marines will be persuaded to join because they could actually see and touch these outstanding displays?! This Museum preserves the long standing, excellent history of the United States Marine Corp!
Erling  R.
West Fargo
I made a 500 dollar donation 4 year ago and am a member.  I think it needs to be updated and saved look at Quanico Museum
Ray L.
Maybe a small charge for visiting would be an alternate to closing !
Andrew W.
San Diego, CA

Here is a copy of a letter I sent out earlier:

An engineer and aviation enthusiast, I am stoked that my son (3 yo) is finally old enough to appreciate the MCAS Miramar Flying Leatherneck museum. Yesterday, we went together for the first time and of course he had a blast. He learned about helicopters, airplanes, fire trucks and even got to sit in the cockpit of an Northrop Grumman F5E under the watchful tutelage of a Vietnam veteran pilot (I literally had to drag him out of the cockpit, as he was saying ‘so cool’).

We didn’t make even make it through the whole museum  (as it was nap time). That’s ok I thought, we’ll be back (already planning my next inexpensive field trip).

It was only upon leaving that I learned that the museum and gift shop is closing for good March 28, 2021! Is this true? I’m hoping that I misheard, but I expect not. I’m sure there are good reasons to close the museum (be it declining donations, a shortage of volunteers, competition for space, cost, COVID, ex).  As an outsider, it’d be good to understand the rationale. Compared to the billions spent on defense priorities such the F-35, next generation satellite programs and Columbia class submarines, I can’t imagine that the Flying Leatherman Museum, a largely volunteer run organization is a major drain on resources.

The museum provides a valuable learning opportunity not just for toddlers but adults as well. Particularly now,  when our nation needs to foster interest in STEM, building physical things and our shared history, there is a need for museums like the Flying Leatherman Museum. Sure, there are fancier aviation museums, but this is a workmanlike, local gem that tells the story of the rich heritage of Marine Corps aviation and an asset to the San Diego community.

Thanks for the great afternoon (looking forward to many to come).

Joel B.
This museum is a testament to the heroics of our Marine Aviators and should be kept open.  There are many other ways to cut costs without severing our ties with / destroying historical artifacts.  The site serves as a wonderful way to introduce / educate people to the brave men and women who have protected their brothers / sisters in arms.
Garrett H.
Dallas, TX
This museum is a gem. The history of these aircraft and the Marines that flew, maintained, and loved these air frames are a key part of the history of the USMC and deserve to be saved. To close this museum would be a travesty to those Marines and the Corps as a whole. I’m appalled that senior USMC leadership deems their own history expendable. This museum is a treasure and should be around for years to come!
Monta H.
Escondido, California
This museum is such a treasurer there must be some way to raise the money to keep it open.  Some kind of “fund-me” campaign should be (or should have been) started on-line to preserve this historic museum.
Tom L.
Los Angeles, CA

As an aerospace engineer, professional aviation photographer and fan of air shows and supporter of aviation in general, it comes as a shock to me that the beloved collection of USMC aircraft at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation  Museum in Miramar, CA is being considered for the trash heap!

My first assignment as a military aviation photographer was to photograph the RF-4Bs from VMFP-3 at MCAS El Toro back in July 1990. I can’t tell you the joy and pride I felt at seeing these great aircraft, pilots and crew preparing for a training mission with utmost professionalism.

Later I was able to photograph AV-8A and AV-8B Harriers at Yuma MCAS and Cherry Point, NC with the same amount of wonder. My love affair with aircraft and aviation continues to this day.

I can’t believe how short sighted leaders can be, with the power to decide if keeping historic aircraft is worth the effort. Don’t they realize that inspiration is a necessary step for innovation, and having successful samples of aircraft, with their hard won histories, to visit and see in person, is invaluable to the human mind and imagination! There is no better way to kill the human spirit and sense of accomplishment than to eradicate the past.

Perhaps we can learn a lesson from history.  Wilbur Wright, one half of the brothers who invented aviation, wanted to burn the historic Wright Flyer that made the first flight, only to change his mind when convinced of its historical importance, an aircraft so inspiring that cloth samples from its wings were taken to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission, and more recently, another cloth sample of the first Wright Flyer is on board Ingenuity, the first aircraft designed to take flight on Mars!

Let’s preserve the past so it can continue to inspire future generations for the benefit of all humans. Preserve the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum collection for benefit of future aviation and pride in the accomplishments and sacrifices of United States Marine Corps aviators, service men and women

Roberto R.
Dallas Texas
I was an Airwing Marine in the 80s and would love to see this history displayed for generations.
Paul L.
Los Angeles CA
I was stationed at MCAS El Toro 1990-92.   So hope we can save the Museum.
Don M.
Vernon Hills
Please find away to save the history. I have not been able to view these items. The future generations need to see where the present aircraft came from.
Alfred N.
Please keep this important place open!
wesley y.
los angeles, ca
I hope this museum is saved!! I have never been, but I love aircraft and would love to come down if it remains open.
Damon D.
Lomita, CA
Save the museum……
Patrick J. C.
Oxnard CA
As a Navy Veteran  I served in the aviation community. I also served on the DOD crash fire rescue crash crew.  Aviation History can not be lost. Please keep the museum open so history won’t be lost
Carl  M.
Kenmore, New York
Don’t throw our beloved Marine Corps History onto the scrap heap! Save the Fling  Leatherneck Museum! PLEASE!
Kevin M.
Medford, Oregon
Save the museum please. It is an important part of Marine Corps history.
Douglas N.
New York, NY

I was quite distressed to hear about the planned closure of the museum.

My teenage son and I have been to numerous aviation museums around the world, and the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is quite distinct. The ease with which it was to have conversations with the staff and the closeness one could feel with the planes and the displays is unmatched by any other aviation museum. While the displays for example at the Midway Museum and at Pensacola were impressive, there was always a more “corporate” feeling to those museums while at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, it felt much more like home.

I hope the museum can be kept open.

Andrea  W.
Ramona, San Diego, CA

Museums are extremely important for future generations to learn from the past, from the lives of those who have made history. Museums have a strong visual impact in those who are learning and those who still want to learn and want a better future for our country and the world.

Please reconsider your decision, please maintain this museum open.

J. Ruth C.
Escondido CA
Please help save this valuable asset to CA and the Marines.  Ken outrage you to sign the petition.
Evelyn L.
San Diego

Please save the Flying leatherneck museum as a legacy for the future generations, to instill patriotism and  a sense of pride of our U.S. Military branches.

On a personal note, my husband and I had our wedding reception at the Officers club at MCAS Miramar in 2013.  It was so memorable we had some of our wedding photos taken there and our guests were amazed when they visited the Leatherneck museum.

A lot more precious memories need to made.  Keeping this museum is an important part of honoring all those who sacrificed their lives for fredom of the American people.

William M.
The USMC Combat Correspondents Association, Joe Rosenthal Chapter (Bay Area), respectfully submits that the closure of this museum is fiscally unwise and derogatory to the morale of Marines, past and present.   Delay this closure to allow the museum foundation to pursue current negotiations with the serious current alternative sponsors.
Dennis C.
Escondido, CA
This museum if part of the heritage of our San Diego community and for those who served in the military.  It is a way to show our children and grandchildren to  planes we used to fight our wars …it is history.  In today’s world we are trying to take away our American history.  It is important to know where we came from and how far our country has gone.
Joyce C.
Escondido, Ca
Honor our service personnel.  Help keep our history going for our children and those who follow them.
Nancy  C.
St George,  Utah
Save this part of our history!
Ben T.
San Diego, California
Come on Marine Corps!  You’re better than this!  One of the things that sets us apart is our emphasis on Marine Corps history which helps to inspire present and future generations of Marines in peace and in war.  Additionally, the Marine Corps still exists because of our ability to market ourselves as America’s premier fighting force.  This museum contributes to that effort.  Not only does this museum deserve to be kept alive, it deserves to be elevated above its current state.  Surely HQMC can find another way to preserve $400,000 in the budget for the five employees.  Keep it alive!
Lisa P.
San Diego
Please keep this wonderful gem of a museum open. My family loves visiting the museum and the kind Veterans who volunteer there and show the children what’s what on the aircraft. I am a proud USMC wife. This is a special place that deserves to be kept alive!
Robert M.
San Diego
I am a U.S. Air Force (Viet Nam) veteran.  Aircrafts reminds me of the freedom we are so fortunate to have.
Gilbert  S.
Alamogordo New Mexico
I am a staff sergeant (E-5), with the US Air Force. I maintain F-16 fighter aircraft daily. Although this is a USMC museum, I absolutely hate the idea of these beautifully preserved historical aircraft being tossed away and this museum closed. MCAS Miramar has a rich history in both the Navy and the Marines, and deserves to keep this museum.
Shawn G.
La Jolla, CA

To Whom it May Concern,

The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum is a unique cultural asset that is important to me, San Diego, the Marine Corps and the nation. Please reconsider the decision to permanently close the museum! My children, husband and I have been enjoying this incredible site for almost 10 years together. It is a place I take family to when they come to San Diego to visit and all have enjoyed the experience very much, especially my Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran father. We have attended wonderful birthday parties there, explored the whole grounds and once came to just look at the tanks outside of the museum. Each experience provides my children with further appreciation for those who have served our country, as well as, education on the different interesting machines that our military has used and continues to use. My daughter wants to fly an airplane when she grows up and my son hopes to design and drive tanks! Thank you for providing this wonderful venue for our exploration and enjoyment, we hope the decision will be made to keep it open for many future generations to enjoy!

Pilar  R.
Aliso viejo
Please save the museum ! It’s history !
Kimberly P.
Gibsonia, PA
Retired CH46E pilot. This is where I take my children to see my Marine Corps heritage.
john  A.
Chula Vista, CA
Please reconsider. Our kids and future generations need to see the amazing aircrafts that saved and continue to protect the good old USA! I’m a Christian, 62 years old, my dad joined the US Navy from the Philippines, and I’m a teacher.
Justine V.
Oceanside, CA
Please, this place is such an amazing thing for our young minds here in CA.
Lacie A.
Hanford, CA
Please don’t close this museum! It’s such a gift with so much valuable history. I know there are many of us in the community who would love to help fundraise and publicize. It’s closure is truly heartbreaking.
Tamara B.
Pleasanton, CA
Please save the museum. I grew up in San Diego & I now live in northern Calif (but visit SD about 2 times per yr). I only recently learned about this museum & was hoping to bring my husband & son to visit this summer. My husband, in particular, loves checking out military planes & vehicles. Now I hear the museum might close. Please keep it open for everyone to come & enjoy!
George C.
Aliso Viejo,CA
Save the rich history of Marine Corps Aviation for future generations to be inspired!
Josh K.
I travelled over from the UK to do a mass tour of US Aviation museums in 2019. The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum was fantastic, the staff excellent and iconic displays of aircraft relevant to the Marine Corp and your fine nation. Please save this museum!
Donald P.
San Francisco, CA
Please don’t close down this piece of history.
Alfred  L.
Saint Clair Shores, Michigan
The newer generations do not have a lack of interest in our history, they have a lack of access. It is a terrible thing to close the museum and diminish access to this material even more.
Tiffany K.
La Mesa, CA
This museum gave my boys so much education and joy. Please keep it open.
patrick f.
Jacksonville NC
Great Museum and displays.  This is important to Marine Corps Aviation history.  Please keep it open.
Edward M.
Franklin, NC
As a former Marine aviator I understand funding issues but what is more important than our history.  Every other service has numerous museums dedicated to different aspects of their history.  Why does the Marine Corps not want to fight for this great collection dedicated to men and women who defended our nation?
James M.
Escondido, CA
The aircraft collection is valuable and historical.  To my knowledge, a collection of this scope and content does not exist anywhere else.  To break it up and distribute the aircraft in ones or twos to various other locations would essentially destroy their collective value.  As separate items in different locations, they would merely be fixtures, with no more attention than the individual railroad locomotives that one sees standing in isolation in city parks here and there.  Rather San Diego and USMCAS Miramar should capitalize on the collection for its unique historical and patriotic value by making the collection venue more easily accessible and publicizing it more extensively.  If promoted more vigorously, and in the overall context of San Diego’s status as the largest and best known Marine Corps/Navy city in the nation, there is no reason why this collection would not become a very popular visitor attraction.
Michael R.
Please save this iconic museum.