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Museum has reopened!

Temporary schedule is Friday-Sunday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Masks Required


Help Save the Museum-Make Your Voice Heard

The USMC just announced that it plans to permanently close the museum on April 1, 2021.  This is despite the fact that the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation has offered to take over operations of the museum with its own staff. Click here for information on where to send letters and sign a petition to keep the museum open to the public as well as to share your stories on what the museum means to you.

Marine Wife Recognition Award:

The 2020 awardee is Kailee Norris.  Online nominations for the 2021 award are due by March 19, 2021. Read about Kailee, past awardees and the award itself by clicking here for more information.

The Inside Loop:

Kids of all ages can send in questions and get answers from our experts.  The Inside Loop podcast publishes each Thursday morning and video-taped interviews are also available.  Enjoy past episodes and send in your own questions here.

Essay Contest:

“Who is your hero?” is the prompt for the annual essay contest.  All 6th-12th grade students in San Diego and Imperial Counties qualify.  Entries are due April 14, 2021.  There are cash awards for winning entries. Click here for essay contest information.

Art Contest:

The annual “Marines in Flight” Student Art Contest is now open.  All 6th-12th grade students in San Diego County qualify.  There are cash awards and entries are due April 6, 2021.  Click here for art contest information.

Winners of the 2020 Student Art Contest have been announced.  Click here to see the winning entries.

Virtual Classroom Visits:

Our museum docents are available to remotely visit a limited number of classrooms.  The volunteers, most of whom are retired military pilots or aircrew, have expertise in aviation, physics, space, U.S. history and military service.

If you would like to set up a time for one of our volunteers to remotely join a session of your classroom, please fill out the online request form here.

Virtual Tour:

Courtesy of Altitude Cam, check out this tour of the museum’s aircraft here.

Gallery of Aircraft:

Read about the aircraft in the museum’s collection by clicking here.

Celebrating 20 Years at MCAS Miramar:

The Museum opened to the public at its current location at MCAS Miramar in June 2000.  Courtesy of San Diego Veterans Magazine, read about moving 41 aircraft down Interstate 5 and some of the people who created the museum here.

Online interviews and additional resources:

Coming soon: staff and volunteers are working to put additional resources, activities and interviews online.