Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation did well during our first-ever participation in giveBIG Day!

The Foundation’s generous supporters gave a total of $2400 through the San Diego Foundation in support of FLHF on giveBig Day.  This qualified us for incentive pool funds, and so our final total will be larger.

We owe a huge thank you to all of you who donated, shared or visited after receiving social media updates and emails throughout the day. We are glad you stuck with us to make it a success.

The giveBig Day campaign is sponsored by the San Diego Foundation every two to three years.  FLHF did well this year and benefited from the awareness building activities as well as association with nonprofit leaders in the community. This could be a great mechanism to turn website and Facebook followers into members and donors in the future once they have had more time to engage with FLHF.

This 24-hour online giving campaign was designed to increase philanthropy and community awareness of  local nonprofits. It’s a chance for all of our supporters to come together and make a big difference.

All tax-deductible contributions through giveBIG will be used to support programs and services at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum.